Men’s Fencing Wins Three of Six Events at National Event in Charlotte

Geoffrey Tourette action photo.
Photo Courtesy: David Demer

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Over the weekend members of the men's and women's fencing team traveled to Charlotte to compete in one of the last national competitions that count for Olympic Qualification.

Men's foil posted a sweep of gold medals over the course of the weekend. This charge was led by junior Geoffrey Tourette who defeated two Olympic medalists and world champions on his way to bringing home gold.

Kenji Bravo ranked in the top eight after the first day of competition. Bravo went on to win gold in men's foil U20 during the championship rounds securing the sweep of gold for Crimson fencers on the day.

First-year Mitchell Saron posted an 11-1 record in senior men's sabre. His record earned him a tie for the bronze medal. First-year Jonas Hansen tabbed a gold medal finish in U20 men's epee to make that three of the six men's events won by Harvard.

With medal wins from Tourette and Saron, they will go on to compete in international Olympic Qualifiers in Paris and Montreal this weekend, Jan. 10-12.

Kenji Bravo- (Pool, 4-2)
V-Alejandro Toro, BBFC, 15-7
V- Kevin Bae, Gutkovskiyfa, 15-8
V- Justin Liu, M Team, 15-9
V- Jake McGillion-Moore, Fencers Club, 15-5
V- Zachary Zusin, FAW, 15-8
V- Nathan Wriedt, ATABA FC, 15-6
V- Bryce Louie, LAI FC, 15-11
V- Andrew Machovec, EC FC, 15-12
Geoffrey Tourette- (Pool, 6-0)
V- Jackson Sullivan, Moe Fencing, 15-4
V- Niles Liu, IFAO Boston, 15-5
V- Michael Li, UNIV PA, 15-8
V- Adam Mathieu, Fencers Club, 15-6
V- Race Imboden, Metro NYC, 15-9
V- Chase Emmer, V Fencing, 15-8
V- Gerek Meinhardt, M Team, 15-14
Mitchell Saron- (Pool, 6-0)
V- Michael Costin, AG FC (CA), 15-13
V- Nickoloz Lortkipanidze, Timmorehouse, 15-7
V- Bolang Meng, New England, 15-7
V- Benjamin Igoe, NYAC, 15-11
V-Geoffrey Loss, Fencers Club, 15-9
D- Kamar Skeete, Nellya, 15-14
Jonas Hansen- (Pool, 6-0)
V- Allen Marakov, Medeo FC, 15-6
V- Nicholas Candela, Battleborn FC, 15-4
V- Cameron Santos, NC-Chapelhil, 15-6
V- Gareth Spiteri, Notre Dame, 11-10
V- Justin Haddad, DC Fencers, 15-14
V- Issac Herbst, Alliance FA, 15-14
V- Steven Grams, Fencers Club, 11-8
Filip Dolegiewicz (Round of 16)
Cynthia Liu (Round of 16)
Duncan Rheingans-Yoo (Round of 32)
Daniel Solomon (Round of 32)
Marta Lasota (Round of 32)
Adrien Thein-Sandler (Round of 32)
Erwin Cai (Round of 64)
Maria Theodore (Round of 128)
Natalie Yang (Out in Preliminary Rounds)