No. 3 Harvard Lightweight Crew Sweeps Biglin Bowl

No. 3 Harvard will take on No. 4 Navy and No. 8 Delaware on the Charles next week (Zack Williamson).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.  – On a great day for competition on the Charles River, the No. 3 Harvard lightweights swept No. 10 Dartmouth and No. 12 MIT to win its ninth-straight Biglin Bowl.

With a head wind increasing throughout the morning, the Crimson opened the racing by taking the coxed fours race. The Harvard 6VA crossed with a time of 7:33.2, ahead of MIT's 3V (7:40.1) and the Crimson 6VB (7:48.0).

Harvard's fourth varsity eight claimed victory in the next event, winning in 6:24.5, while the Crimson 5V8 was second (6:31.6) and Dartmouth took third in 6:56.9.

The Crimson claimed another win in the 3V8, topping the Big Green by more than 11 seconds, 6:28.1 to 6:39.7.

In the second varsity eight race, the Crimson cruised from the start, earning first place by a large margin. Harvard won in 6:27.3, while Dartmouth edged out MIT, 6:50.5 to 6:50.7, for second place.

Harvard kept the Biglin Bowl in Cambridge by taking the first varsity eight race as the Crimson won by 10 seconds, 6:29.9 to Dartmouth's 6:39.9. The Engineers crossed in 6:45.2 for third.

For the full, archived replay of the game on the Ivy League Digital Network, click here.

Up next, Harvard will face No. 4 Navy and No. 8 Delaware for the Haines Cup on the Charles River on Saturday, April 22. The racing will be streamed live on the Ivy League Digital Network.

Varsity Eight
James Dreben (coxswain), Andre Dupuis (stroke), Hunter Wallace (7), Nick Barry (6), Jack Kelly (5), Dan Bridgewater (4), Jordan Rogers (3), James Plaut (2), David Wexner (bow)

Second Varsity Eight
Charlie Zhang (coxswain), Andrew Sterne (stroke), Andrew Wilkins (7), Chris Wales (6), Matt Podlesak (5), Chris Skokowski (4), Spencer Kaplan (3), Eryk Dobrushkin (2), Rob Lowe (bow)

Third Varsity Eight
Jack Stone (coxswain), Aidan Crawford (stroke), Luke Farewell (7), Oliver Hansen (6), Ian Meyer (5), Nick Kochanek (4), Seb Schwartz (3), Brady Stevens (2), Josh Kuppersmith (bow)

Fourth Varsity Eight
Annina Kennedy-Yoon (coxswain), Zach Altshuler (stroke), Noah Burhance (7), Dillon Dunteman (6), Isaac Walker (5), Pat Anderson (4), Michael Yuan (3), Tom Spiers (2), Mike Genovesi (bow)

Fifth Varsity Eight
Mary Yeh (coxswain), Wes Fabyan (stroke), Nate Dempsey (7), Al Muzaurieta (6), Liam Daily (5), Eric Rodrigo (4), Reed McMurchy (3), David Gonzalez (2), Chris Jarrett (bow)

Sixth Varsity Four A
Cat Li (coxswain), Nik Cable (stroke), Mark Steinbrick (3), Huck Rocca (2), Drake Marshall (bow)

Sixth Varsity Four B
Jacqui Epstein (coxswain), Ryan Patrick (stroke), Christian Kardish (3), William Weiter (2), Jacob Klegar (bow)

Harvard 6VA – 7:33.2
MIT 3V – 7:40.1
Harvard 6VB – 7:48.0

Harvard 4V – 6:24.5
Harvard 5V – 6:31.6
Dartmouth 4V – 6:56.9

Harvard – 6.28.1
Dartmouth – 6:39.7

Harvard – 6:27.3
Dartmouth – 6:50.5
MIT – 6:50.7

Harvard – 6:29.9
Dartmouth – 6:39.9
MIT – 6:45.2