No. 3 Harvard Lightweights Take 1V8 Race in Wales-Kirrane Cup; Win Three Races at Matthew-Leonards Cups

No. 3 Harvard Lightweights Take 1V8 Race in Wales-Kirrane Cup; Win Three Races at Matthew-Leonards Cups

The No. 3 Crimson lightweights will host No. 10 Dartmouth and No. 12 MIT April 15 (Zack Williamson).

PRINCETON, N.J. – In its first competition of the spring, the No. 3 Harvard lightweight crew defeated No. 6 Penn, but was topped by No. 1 Cornell in the first varsity eight at the Matthew-Leonards Cups Saturday morning. The race, which was originally slated to be held on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia was moved to Lake Carnegie in Princeton, New Jersey.

With a strong cross-headwind with variable gusts throughout the racing, the top-ranked Big Red narrowly held on for the victory in the first varsity eight, edging Harvard 6:16.9 to 6:19.2. The Quakers came in third, also by a close margin, in 6:22.8.

Harvard won the other three events of the day, beginning with the second varsity eight. The Crimson cruised to first in 6:28.8, downing Penn (6:31.8) and Cornell (6:40.5). In the third varsity eight, Harvard crossed the line for the victory in 6:35.4, while the Big Red (6:39.6) and Quakers (7:07.6) went second and third, respectively.

Harvard's fourth and fifth varsity eight took first and second in the 4V8 race. The Crimson fourth varsity took the event in 6:43.8, while the fifth varsity was second with a mark of 6:52.8. Cornell (6:55.8) was third, followed by Penn (7:14.3).  

Later in the evening, Harvard traveled to Overpeck Park in Leonia, New Jersey to race No. 7 Columbia and No. 9 Georgetown. Against a strong cross headwind of 12-15 mph, the Crimson varsity four dominated in its race against Columbia, winning 7:23.3 to 8:11.2. Harvard's 3V and 4V finished first and second, respectively, in the third varsity eight race. Harvard's 3V crossed in 6:45.6, while the 4V was right behind in 6:50.3

After Columbia claimed victory in the second varsity eight race, 6:27.6 to Harvard's 6:30.5, the Crimson cruised to a win in the first varsity eight. Harvard finished the course in 6:27.6, followed by the Lions (6:35.3) and Hoyas (6:38.7).

Up next, Harvard will race No. 10 Dartmouth and No. 12 MIT on the Charles River Saturday, April 15. The competition will be streamed live on the Ivy League Digital Network.  

Varsity Eight
James Dreben (coxswain), Andre Dupuis (stroke), Hunter Wallace (7), Nick Barry (6), Jack Kelly (5), Dan Bridgewater (4), Jordan Rogers (3), James Plaut (2), David Wexner (bow)

Cornell – 6.16.9
Harvard – 6:19.2
Penn – 6:22.8

Harvard – 6:27.6
Columbia – 6:35.3
Georgetown – 6:38.7

Second Varsity Eight
Charlie Zhang (coxswain), Andrew Sterne (stroke), Andrew Wilkins (7), Chris Wales (6), Matt Podlesak (5), Eryk Dobrushkin (4), Spencer Kaplan (3), Chris Skokowski (2), Rob Lowe (bow)

Harvard – 6.28.8
Penn – 6:31.8
Cornell – 6:40.5

Columbia – 6:27.6
Harvard – 6:30.5
Georgetown – 6:47.6 

Third Varsity Eight
Jack Stone (coxswain), Aidan Crawford (stroke), Luke Farewell (7), Oliver Hansen (6), Ian Meyer (5), Nick Kochanek (4), Seb Schwartz (3), Brady Stevens (2), Josh Kuppersmith (bow)

Harvard – 6.35.4
Cornell– 6:39.6
Penn – 7:07.6

Harvard 3V – 6:45.6
Harvard 4V – 6:50.3
Georgetown – 6:58.4
Columbia – 7:06.9

Fourth Varsity Eight
Mary Yeh (coxswain), Zach Altshuler (stroke), Noah Burhance (7), Dillon Dunteman (6), Isaac Walker (5), Pat Anderson (4), Michael Yuan (3), Tom Spiers (2), Mike Genovesi (bow)

Harvard – 6:43.8
Harvard 5V – 6:52.8
Cornell – 6:55.8
Penn – 7:14.3

Fifth Varsity Four A
Cat Li (coxswain), Wes Fabyan (stroke), Chris Jarrett (3), Eric Rodrigo (2), Reed McMurchy (bow)

Harvard – 7:23.3
Columbia – 8:11.2

Fifth Varsity Four B
JV Cox (coxswain), David Gonzales (stroke), Nate Dempsey (3), Liam Daily (2), Al Muzaurieta (bow)