Men’s Lightweight Crew Sweeps Georgetown

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The No. 5 Harvard lightweight crew team swept No. 10 Georgetown Sunday morning on the Charles River. The varsity eight posted an open water victory against a strong headwind and extremely cold temperatures.

A quick start by both varsity boats had the Hoyas ahead over the first few strokes. The Crimson fought right back, settling into a strong pace early and inching ahead over the first 250 meters. By the 750-meter mark, Harvard had moved out to a length lead and under the bridge the Crimson pulled away to open water. Harvard clocked a time of 6:34, as Georgetown crossed in 6:48.

The second varsity led from start to finish, posting the fastest time of the day with a 6:25 mark. With the wind calming throughout the race, Georgetown finished in 6:49.

The BU 4V/5V jumped into the third varsity race and won with a time of 6:34. The Crimson was 11 seconds behind, crossing in 6:45 and Georgetown clocked a time of 6:53.

The fourth varsity race started the day on a strong note for Harvard, as the 4V posted a sub-seven minute time with a finish of 6:55. The Crimson fifth varsity boat clocked a time of 7:14, open water ahead of Georgetown in 7:57.   

Harvard heads to Hanover, New Hampshire for the Biglin Bowl with Dartmouth and MIT.   

Varsity Eight
Charlie Zhang (coxswain), Andre Dupuis (stroke), Jack Kelly (7), Sam Frum (6), Andre Dempsey (5), Jordan Rogers (4), Daniel Bridgwater (3), Chris Wales (2), Ian Klein (bow)
Harvard          6:34
Georgetown   6:48

Second Varsity
Catherine Gildea (coxswain), Andrew Sterne (stroke), Andrew Wilkins (7), Brady Stevens (6), Cayman Bearly-Malinowski (5), Alexander Harding (4), Nolan Thomas (3), David Wexner (2), Joshua Kuppersmith (bow)
Harvard          6:25
Georgetown   6:49

Third Varsity
Benjamin Molin (coxswain), Liam Daily (stroke), Eryk Dobrushkin (7), Isaac Walker (6), Christopher Jarrett (5), Niels Laurberg (4), Nick Kochanek (3), Matt Podlesak (2), Mitchel Cole (bow)
BU 4V/5V       6:34
Harvard          6:45
Georgetown   6:53

Fourth Varsity
Mary Yeh (coxswain), Oliver Hansen (stroke), Al Muzaurieta (7), Eric Rodrigo (6), Ian Meyer (5), Cam Clemence (4), Spencer Kaplan (3), Wes Fabyan (2), Chris McKenna (bow)

Fifth Varsity
Jack Stone (coxswain), Christian Schatz (stroke), Christian Kardish (7), Jack Smith (6), James Jacoby (5), Patrick Anderson (4), Reed McMurchy (3), Ryan Patrick (2), Andrew Rocca (bow)
Harvard          6:55
Harvard 5V    7:14
Georgetown   7:57