No. 4 Lightweight Crew Drops V8 Race to No. 5 Princeton, No. 2 Yale

No. 4 Lightweight Crew Drops V8 Race to No. 5 Princeton, No. 2 Yale

Freshman eight boat earns win over Yale and Princeton.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 4 Harvard lightweight crew was edged by No. 5 Princeton and No. 2 Yale Saturday morning on the Charles River. The Tigers (33 points) won the Vogel Cup, as Harvard (27 points) ranked second and Yale (19 points) came in third.

With a mostly tail, slight crosswind building over the course of the racing, the ominous rain clouds held off until the varsity eight race – the final of the day. The Crimson V8 boat, stroked by Alexander Bonorris and coxed by Shane Bouchard, ranked third overall with a time of 5:55.8. The race for first went to Princeton (5:49.7), who finished a beat ahead of Yale (5:50.0).

Harvard ranked second in the 2V race, crossing in 5:56.7. Princeton (5:49.5) earned in the win in the event, with Yale finishing a half-length behind the Crimson with a time of 5:58.6.

The Crimson freshman eight boat dropped Yale by nearly a boat length, crossing in 5:56.3. The Bulldogs clocked a time of 5:59.2 in the two-boat heat.

Princeton took the 3V race by open water, finishing with a time of 6:03.6, nearly seven seconds ahead of Harvard (6:10.3).

The Crimson's second freshman boat went up against Princeton and Yale's 4V boats, finishing third. The Tigers won with a time of 6:14.0, finishing ahead of Yale by over nine seconds (6:23.1).

Harvard, winners of the last three-straight EARC Sprints crowns, will head to Worcester, Mass., and Lake Quinsigamond Saturday, May 18.  

Varsity Eight:
Princeton - 5:49.7
Yale - 5:50.0
Harvard - 5:55.8

Second Varsity Eight:
Princeton - 5:49.5
Harvard - 5:56.7
Yale - 5:58.6 

Third Varsity Eight:
Princeton - 6:03.6
Harvard - 6:10.3

Freshman Eight:
Harvard - 5:56.3
Yale - 5:59.2

Second Freshman:
Princeton 4V - 6:14.0
Yale 4V - 6:23.1
Harvard -  6:36.4

First Varsity
Bow: Lucas Farewell; 2: Nico Astrup Wiik; 3: Alexander Newell; 4: Thomas Marshall; 5: Jack Kelly; 6: Samuel Frum; 7: Andrew Campbell; Stroke: Alexander Bonorris; Coxswain: Shane Bouchard 

Second Varsity
Bow: Connor Mangan; 2: Mitchel Cole; 3: Edward McKlveen; 4: Ian Klein; 5: James Groeneveld; 6: Robert Hawthorne; 7: Christopher Magnani; Stroke: Eli Leavitt; Coxswain: Chris Xu

Third Varsity
Bow: Lev Ratnofsky; 2: Ross Svenson; 3: Christopher McKenna; 4: Nelson Arnous; 5: Cameron Heron; 6: Matthew Pawlowski; 7: Stefan Skalbania; Stroke: Nicholas Phillips; Coxswain: Alex Spencer

First Freshman
Bow: Mark Steinbrick; 2: Patrick Anderson; 3: Christopher Wales; 4: Kalvis Hornburg; 5: Ian Meyer; 6: Thomas Gill; 7: Matthew Podlesak; Stroke: Emanuel Ritschard; Coxswain: James Dreben

Second Freshman
Bow: Alexander Keane; 2: Timothy King; 3: Michael Kikukawa; 4: Oliver Band; 5: Michael Savarese; 6: Michael Casciotti; 7: Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld; Stroke: Eric Rodrigo; Coxswain: Brett Biebelberg