Harvard Lightweight Crew Rows Past Yale, Princeton for Goldthwait, Vogel Cups

Harvard Lightweight Crew Rows Past Yale, Princeton for Goldthwait, Vogel Cups

Harvard poses with its cups after the regatta against Princeton and Yale (photo courtesy Harvard lightweight crew).

PRINCETON, N.J. – The top-ranked Harvard lightweight crew varsity eight proved its No. 1 position in the polls by topping No. 2 Yale and No. 6 Princeton for the Goldthwait Cup Saturday morning. The Crimson also took home the Vogel Cup, given to the team with the best overall performance at the annual HYP regatta.

Harvard won four of the five contested races during the day that featured calm water and temperatures that reached 60 degrees. There was a five mile per hour headwind during racing that calmed as the morning progressed.

"The weather was nice, there were perfect conditions and everybody performed well," said Charley Butt, The Friends of Harvard Lightweight Rowing Coach for Men's Lightweight Crew. "When you know you have to perform and you go out there and win the race, it makes for a great day."

The Crimson started the day by going 1-2 in the second freshmen fours race, but dropped the freshmen eights contest in the second race.

Harvard rebounded to take all three varsity races to cruise to the Vogel Cup, as the Crimson accumulated 39 points compared to Yale's 27 and Princeton's 20.

The second varsity boats started the varsity racing and Harvard came away with a victory. After the Crimson had taken the lead, Princeton picked up its pace for a strong charge that threatened Harvard. In the end, the Tigers could not catch up to the Crimson, as Harvard crossed the line in 6:04.0 and Princeton was right behind at 6:07.4.

The highly anticipated first varsity race was next and the race lived up to expectations. Yale led through the first 1,250 meters before Harvard began to make its move. The Crimson began moving back, to continually gain water on the Bulldogs. The steady push made Harvard progress to even with Yale, before proceeding to slowly gain a lead of its own. Harvard advanced its boat to a half-length lead by the finish line, which it rowed past at 5:51.0. Yale finished in 5:52.4 and Princeton crossed at 5:57.0.

Harvard capped the day with a win in the third varsity race, as winds began to lessen. The Crimson won by 5.5 seconds over second-place Yale with a 6:15.2 mark.

The Crimson has now won each of the last four Goldthwait Cups and eight of the last 11 Vogel Cups. Coach Butt remarked, "I think it stands as quite an achievement to win the first varsity race four years in a row. Although, our focus has been to progress towards exams week and nationals."

Next on the schedule for Harvard will be EARC Sprints in Worcester, Mass., May 19 and the IRA National Championships in Sacramento, Calif., May 31-June 2.

Varsity Eight
Harvard – 5:51.0
Yale – 5:52.4
Princeton – 5:57.0

Second Varsity
Harvard – 6:04.0
Princeton – 6:07.4
Yale – 6:10.9

Third Varsity
Harvard – 6:15.2
Yale – 6:20.7
Princeton – 6:23.1

Freshman/Novice Eight
Yale – 6:10.3
Princeton – 6:12.3
Harvard – 6:14.6

Second Freshman/Novice Fours
Harvard 'A' – 7:31.0
Harvard 'B' – 7:38.6
Princeton – 7:42.5

First Varsity
Bow: Alexander Bonorris; 2: Michael Wales; 3:Austin Meyer; 4: Stuart Taylor; 5: Nicholas Gates; 6: Matt O'Leary; 7: Andrew Campbell; Stroke:Florian Mayr; Coxswain: Paul Farber

Second Varsity
Bow: Malte Zopfs; 2: Connor Mangan; 3: Craig Herron; 4: Michael Paresky; 5: Erich Schultze; 6: Robert Hawthorne; 7: James Groeneveld; Stroke: Nico Wiik; Coxswain: Alex Saal

Third Varsity
Bow: AJ Carvalho; 2: Simon Maas; 3: Ted McKlveen; 4: Sam Barrington; 5: Stefan Skalbania; 6: Chris Magani; 7: Tim McLaughlin; Stroke: Eli Leavitt; Coxswain: Jonathan Shpall

First Freshmen/Novice Eight
Bow: Cameron Clemence; 2: Zebulon Goodman; 3: Christopher McKenna; 4: Ian Klein; 5: Lucas Farewell; 6: Samuel Frum; 7: Min-Woo Park; Stroke: Jeffrey Rogers; Coxswain: Joshua Blecher-Cohen

Second Freshmen/Novice Four 'A'
Bow: Fred Quesada; 2: Matt Kozlowski; 3: Lev Ratnofsky; 4: Mitchel Cole; Coxswain: Assad Hussain

Second Freshmen/Novice Four 'B'
Bow: Matthew Seghers; 2: Trevor Lutzow; 3: Miles Graham; 4: Nick Phillips; Coxswain: Chris Xu