Harvard Lightweight Crew Starts Weekend With Wins in Philadelphia

Harvard Lightweight Crew Starts Weekend With Wins in Philadelphia

Harvard's varsity eight is pictured March 30 against Delaware (photo Harvard Atheltic Communications).

The Harvard lightweight crew's top two varsity boats collected wins for the second straight Saturday against Cornell and Penn in Philadelphia, Pa. The Crimson's second freshmen/novice eight also emerged victorious on the day.

A cross tailwind and flat water made for quick racing conditions in the early going, before the wind subdued over the course of the morning. The first freshmen/novice eight race benefited the most from the morning situation, as the freshmen crews produced faster times than the varsity eights.

Cornell took the first race of the regatta, the third varsity eight competition, which started at 10:10 a.m. Harvard was in second (6:17.1) and 11.6 seconds behind the Big Red, before the fast-paced freshmen race took to the water. Harvard's first freshmen/novice eight was edged in a photo finish for second place by Cornell in a race that Penn took in 5:50.6, the fastest mark of the day thanks to the best conditions of the day.

Next, Harvard posted back-to-back wins in the top two varsity races. The second and first varsities each stopped the clock in 5:52.0 to win by 6.5 and 2.7 seconds, respectively. Cornell put together a strong second half of the first varsity race to challenge Harvard, but the Crimson held off the Big Red to earn the win.

The final race, the second freshmen/novice eight, featured a collision in the first 10 strokes forcing Harvard and Penn's to restart from the starting line. The second sendoff went clean and the Crimson gradually built a lead to win with a small amount of open water in 6:30.8.

Harvard moves to Princeton, N.J., to face Georgetown tomorrow morning. The previously announced schedule has been changed and can be found below.
April 7 | Princeton, N.J. | Georgetown
9:00 a.m. - 2F4+
9:20 a.m. - 1F
9:40 a.m. - 1V
10:00 a.m. - 2V (and Harvard's 3V)

First Varsity Eight (11:40 a.m.)
Harvard – 5:52.0
Cornell – 5:54.7
Penn – 6:05.4

Second Varsity Eight (11:10 a.m.)
Harvard – 5:52.0
Cornell – 5:58.5
Penn – 6:17.0

Third Varsity Eight (10:10 a.m.)
Cornell – 6:05.5
Harvard – 6:17.1
Penn – 6:36.0

Freshmen/Novice Eight (10:40 a.m.)
Penn – 5:50.6
Cornell – 5:52.9
Harvard – 5:53.2

Second Freshmen/Novice Eight (12:10 p.m.)
Harvard – 6:30.8
Penn – 6:37.8

First Varisty

Bow: Stuart Taylor; 2: Matt O'Leary; 3: Nicholas Gates; 4: Austin Meyer; 5: Michael Wales; 6: Florian Mayr; 7: Andrew Campbell; Stroke: Alexander Bonorris; Coxswain: Paul Farber

Second Varsity
Bow: Malte Zopfs; 2: Connor Mangan; 3: Craig Herron; 4: Michael Paresky; 5: Erich Schultze; 6: Robert Hawthorne; 7: James Groeneveld; Stroke: Nico Wiik; Coxswain: Alex Saal

Third Varsity
Bow: AJ Carvalho; 2: Matt Pawlowski; 3: Ross Svenson; 4: Sam Barrington; 5: Yoan N'Komba; 6: Chris Magani; 7: Stefan Skalbania; Stroke: Eli Leavitt; Coxswain: Jonathan Shpall

First Freshmen/Novice Eight
Bow: Cameron Clemence; 2: Zebulon Goodman; 3: Christopher McKenna; 4: Ian Klein; 5: Lucas Farewell; 6: Samuel Frum; 7: Min-Woo Park; Stroke: Jeffrey Rogers; Coxswain: Joshua Blecher-Cohen

Second Freshmen/Novice Eight
Bow: Matthew Seghers; 2: Raymond Lopez; 3: Miles Graham; 4: Trevor Lutzow; 5: Fred Quesada; 6: Nick Phillips; 7: Lev Ratnofsky; Stroke: Mitchel Cole; Coxswain: Chris Xu