No. 1 Crimson Lightweights Set for Two Regattas in Mid-Atlantic

The Harvard second varsity eight has defeated Penn and Delaware so far this season.
The Harvard second varsity eight has defeated Penn and Delaware so far this season.

The top-ranked Harvard lightweight crew will race twice Saturday, visiting No. 8 Navy in the morning and racing against No. 3 Georgetown at Princeton in the afternoon.

The first regatta will run alongside the Adams Cup racing, featuring the Harvard heavyweight crew, Navy and Penn.

Morning Schedule
6:45 a.m. - Heavyweight varsity eight
7 a.m. – Lightweight varsity eight
7:15 a.m. – Heavyweight second varsity eight
7:30 a.m. – Lightweight second varsity eight
7:45 a.m. – Heavyweight freshman eight
8 a.m. – Lightweight freshman eight
8:15 a.m. –  Heavyweight third varsity eight
8:30 a.m. –  Lightweight third varsity eight
8:45 a.m. – Heavyweight second freshman eight
9:00 a.m. – Lightweight second freshman eight

Afternoon Schedule
2:30 p.m. – Freshman fours
2:50 p.m. – Freshman eight
3:10 p.m. – Second varsity eight
3:30 p.m. – Varsity eight

Last Time Out
The Crimson varsity eight (5-0) earned its first trophy of the spring with a 4.2-second victory against No. 6 Dartmouth and No. 11 MIT Saturday, extending its streak of dual opponents defeated to 24. The freshmen swept a pair of races to give Harvard three wins in five events on the Charles River.

Last Season
In windy, rainy conditions on the Charles, the Crimson held off the Mids by 1.2 seconds. The second varsity eight and freshman eight also won to give Harvard three victories in five races.

Harvard and Georgetown split four races last season at Princeton, with the Crimson winning the varsity and second varsity races. Harvard's varsity win came by 3.6 seconds, and the second varsity cruised to a 13.1-second victory.

History Lesson
Harvard has earned three straight wins in the Haines Cup series and holds a 38-7 all-time edge in racing for the trophy. The Crimson's win in 2010 was its first at Navy since 1997.

Scouting the Opposition
The Navy varsity (1-4) has faced some stiff competition this season and picked up its first win last weekend with a second-place finish between winner Georgetown and third-place Delaware. The Midshipmen previously fell to Princeton, Yale and Columbia. Navy won the second varsity eight and freshman eight races against Georgetown and Delaware and had the top two boats in the varsity fours race.

The Hoyas (5-1) moved into the nation's top three with a defeat of Princeton on to open the spring season. They suffered their first loss April 7 in the Charles, finishing ahead of host MIT but 1.9 seconds back of No. 2 Yale. Georgetown races Princeton and Penn in the morning before taking on the Crimson.

Probable Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Angela Chang, 8: Florian Mayr, 7: Alex Newell, 6: Tim Moore, 5: Nicholas Gates, 4: Stuart Taylor, 3: Erich Schultze, 2: Matt O'Leary, 1: Michael Wales

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Alex Saal, 8: Michael Paresky, 7: Zachary Connerton, 6: Tom Nesel, 5: Joey Wall, 4: Benjamin Hughes, 3: Cam Heron, 2: Craig Herron, 1: AJ Carvalho

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Shane Bouchard, 8: Gabriel Lloyd, 7: Collin Rees, 6: Kevin Hernandez, 5: Jamie Ashton, 4: Michael Velchik, 3: Matt Gibbons, 2: Simon Maas, 1: Yoan N'Komba

Freshman Eight
Cox: Jonathan Shpall, 8: Nicolai Astrop Wiik, 7: Christopher Magnani, 6: Alexander Bonorris, 5: Timothy McLaughlin, 4: Robert Hawthorne, 3: Jonathan Young, 2: Connor Mangan, 1: Malte Zopfs

Second Freshman Eight
Cox: Alexander Spencer, 8: Matthew Pawlwoski, 7: Nelson Arnous, 6: Eli Leavitt, 5: Stefan Skalbania, 4: Owen Senders, 3: Edward McKlveen, 2: Sam Barrington, 1: Ross Svenson

Freshman Four A
Cox: Alexander Spencer, 4: Eli Leavitt, 3: Stefan Skalbania, 2: Matthew Pawlwoski, 1: Nelson Arnous

Freshman Four B
Cox: Jake Saal, 4: Owen Senders, 3: Edward McKlveen, 2: Sam Barrington, 1: Ross Svenson