Crimson Rules College Lightweights at Head of the Charles

The Crimson passes Cornell on the way to a second-place finish.
The Crimson passes Cornell on the way to a second-place finish.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Harvard had the fastest lightweight collegiate crew at the Head of the Charles Regatta Sunday, finishing second to USRowing in the lightweight eights event at the world's largest two-day rowing event.

The strong performance by the Crimson, along with that of the Harvard heavyweights, helped secure the MacMahon Cup Regatta Point Trophy for the most total points by any club, school, college or university. The Crimson heavies won the men's championship eights race, while the Radcliffe heavyweight championship eight placed second and the Black and White lightweight eight finished third.

Harvard, competing for the first time since missing the 2011 national championship by one-fiftieth of a second, looked ready to contend again in the coming season. Princeton was the closest college squad to the Crimson, finishing more than 13 seconds back of Harvard. Fourth-place Georgetown and fifth-place Yale were each more than 21 seconds slower than the Crimson.

It took one of Harvard's own to defeat the Crimson. The only boat to finish ahead of Harvard's top crew was the USRowing entry stroked by Will Newell '11, the Crimson's captain last season and the older brother of current seven-seat Alex Newell. The U.S. boat posted a time of 14:27.7 on the three-mile course to defeat 16 teams.

The runner-up Crimson crew, coxed by Angela Chang, was Florian Mayr, Alex Newell, Tim Moore, Nicholas Gates, Stuart Taylor, Erich Schultze, Matt O'Leary and Michael Wales.

Harvard's B entry in the lightweight eights event and its lightweight four placed 13th.

On Saturday, The Crimson club four won its event. Harvard's boat posted a time of 17:17.7 to edge Yale. It was the third-fastest time in the event, but the two entries ahead of Harvard were found to have ineligible rowers. The club eight took 18th place out of 39 competing heavyweight and lightweight crews.

The Crimson's strong opening to the season came without two of last season's key athletes spending the year training with USRowing. Andrew Campbell and Austin Meyer teamed up for the USRowing Training Center-Oklahoma City to place second among 20 men's championship doubles. Campbell added a second runner-up performance Sunday, as he raced in the bow seat of a directors' challenge men's quad with fellow world-class scullers Gevvie Stone, Mahé Drysdale and Emma Twigg.

Freshman coach Linda Muri had a runner-up finish of her own, teaming up with Lindsay Burns Barber '87 in the women's master doubles. She added a win Sunday in the directors' challenge women's quad.

Harvard/Radcliffe Results
Men's championship singles:  Nicholas Baker '07 – 11 of 30, 19:13.77
Men's championship singles:  Joe Medioli '08 – 28 of 30, 20:29.52
Women's championship singles: Olivia Coffey '11 – 13 of 25, 21:19.23
Women's senior-master eights: Radcliffe Association of Rowing Alumnae – 27th of 29, 21:05.9
Men's alumni eights: HVL+ Boat Club – 11th of 38, 16:22.6
Women's alumnae eights: Radcliffe Association of Rowing Alumnae – 17th of 30, 19:19.0
Men's club fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 1st of 50, 17:17.7
Men's club eights: Harvard heavyweight crew B – 3rd of 39, 15:35.1
Men's club eights: Harvard lightweight crew – 18th of 39, 16:31.8
Men's club eights: Harvard heavyweight crew A – 22nd of 39, 16:45.1
Women's club eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew – 13th of 28, 19:00.7
Women's master doubles: Texas Rowing Center/Cambridge Boat Club (Linda Muri and Lindsay Burns Barber '87) – 2nd of 19, 20:43.0
Men's championship doubles: USRowing Training Center – Oklahoma City (Austin Meyer and Andrew Campbell) – 2nd of 20, 16:42.9 

Women's lightweight singles: Lizzy Bates '11 – 12th of 23, 21:21.8
Men's championship fours: Harvard heavyweight crew – 4th of 17, 16:31.3
Men's championship fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 9th of 17, 16:51.3
Women's championship fours: Radcliffe heavyweight crew – 8th of 20, 19:05.1
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew A – 1st of 34, 14:17.6
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew B – 15th of 34, 14:57.3
Men's championship eights: Harvard heavyweight crew C – 21st of 34, 15:11.1
Men's championship eights: Riverside Boat Club (includes Daniel Kettler '07) – 25th of 34, 15:16.1
Women's championship eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew A – 2nd of 39, 16:19.6
Women's championship eights: Radcliffe heavyweight crew B – 22nd of 39, 17:15.4
Men's lightweight fours: Harvard lightweight crew – 13th of 22, 18:13.3
Women's lightweight fours: Radcliffe lightweight crew – 9th of 14, 20:26.1
Men's lightweight eights: USRowing (including Will Newell '11) – 1st of 17, 14:27.7
Men's lightweight eights: Harvard lightweight crew A – 2nd of 17, 14:41.8
Men's lightweight eights: Harvard lightweight crew B – 13th of 17, 15:44.6
Women's lightweight eights: Radcliffe lightweight crew A – 3rd of 8, 17:17.1
Women's lightweight eights: Radcliffe lightweight crew B – 5th of 8, 18:41.2

Lightweight Eight A
Cox:  Angela Chang, 8: Florian Mayr , 7: Alex Newell, 6: Tim Moore, 5: Nicholas Gates, 4: Stuart Taylor, 3: Erich Schultze, 2: Matt O'Leary, 1: Michael Wales

Lightweight Eight B
Cox: Shane Bouchard, 8: Nico Astup Wiik, 7: Jonathon Young, 6: Tom Nesel, 5: Benjamin Hughes, 4: Craig Herron, 3: Joey Wall, 2: David Paresky, 1: Zachery Connerton

Lightweight Four
Cox: Martin Cseh, 4: Kevin Hernandez, 3: Cam Heron, 2: Simon Maas, 1: Collin Rees

Club Eight
Cox: Paul Farber, 8: Eli Leavitt, 7: Connor Mangan, 6: Matt Gibbons, 5: Nelson Arnous, 4: Christopher Magnani, 3: Ross Svenson, 2: Matt Pawlowski, 1: Michael Zamora

Club Four

Cox: Alex Saal, 4: Alexander Bonorris, 3: Timothy McLaughlin, 2: Malte Zopfs, 1: Stefan Skalbania

HVL+ Boat Club
Nick Downing '07, Moritz Hafner '08-09, Dan Reid '06, Patrick Haas '05, Michael Kummer '05, Brian Aldrich '07, Mansour Benkreira '07, Wes Kauble '06, Mark Adomanis '07