No. 3 Men’s Heavyweight Crew Tops No. 7 Princeton for Compton Cup

Photo by: Zack Williamson
Photo by: Zack Williamson

PRINCETON, N.J. – The No. 3 Harvard men's heavyweight crew team topped No. 7 Princeton today, April 20 at Lake Carnegie. Conditions featured strong variable tailwind. The Crimson brings home the Compton Cup for the third-straight year and has now won 11 of the last 13 against the Tigers.

Harvard's varsity eight took a commanding lead over Princeton, clocking in 7.5 seconds over the Tigers with a time of 5:25.3. The Crimson's picked up two other victories on the day as well from its second and fifth varsity eight boats. The second varsity eight bested Princeton by 2.9 seconds, clocking in at 5:32.0, while the Crimson's fifth varsity eight won by a 2.9-second margin with a time of 6:01.7.

Princeton secured victories over Harvard's third and fourth varsity eight boats.

Varsity Eight: 
George Cozens (cox); Clark Dean (stroke), David Ambler (seven), Douwe de Graaf (six), Lars Lorch (five), Liam Corrigan (four), Patrick Adams (three), Arthur Doyle (two), Kenny Coplan (bow).

Second Varisty: Edward Bracey (cox); David Fleming (stroke), Calvin Tarczy (seven), Pieter Quinton (six), Andrew Morley (five), Harrison Burke (four), Ethan Seder (three), Samuel Meijer (two), Lucas Clarke (bow).

Third Varsity: Nicolas Yan (cox); Anthony Kenny (stroke), Henry Jones (seven), James Clarke (six), Carter Dickinson (five), Samuel Monkley (four), Christian Tabash (three), Curtis McLeod (two), John Luby (bow).

Fourth Varsity: Isabella Rhyu (cox); Matt Fischer (stroke), John Richards (seven), Thomas Macky (six), Zachary Keller (five), Joseph Johnson (four), Max Mezger (three), Christopher Fenaroli (two), Andrew Haimovici (bow).

Fifth Varsity: Edward Bracey (cox); David Orner (stroke), Steven Cox (seven), Henry Lynch (six), Sam Detmer (five), Alex Raines (four), Bryce Anderson (three), Liam Heffernan (two), Jacob Kurlander (bow).

Up Next
Harvard will return to Cambridge to host Navy and Penn on the Charles River for the Adams Cup next Saturday, April 27.  

Varsity Eight
Harvard – 5.25.3
Princeton – 5.32.8

Second Varsity Eight
Harvard – 5.32.0
Princeton. – 5.34.9

Third Varsity Eight
Princeton – 5:36.9
Harvard – 5:41.1

Fourth Varsity Eight
Princeton – 5:39.0
Harvard – 5:42.2

Fifth Varsity Eight
Harvard – 6:01.7
Princeton – 6:04.6