No. 6 Brown Slips by No. 4 Men’s Heavyweight Crew for Stein Cup Saturday

No. 6 Brown Slips by No. 4 Men’s Heavyweight Crew for Stein Cup Saturday

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 4 Harvard men's heavyweight crew and No. 6 Brown competed in a closely contested top varsity race Saturday afternoon in Providence, but it was the Bears that took the victory to earn the Stein Cup on the Seekonk River.

Conditions featured an incoming tide with a 10-15 mile per hour cross tailwind. Varsity race was held at slack tide and the order of racing was 5V, 4V, 3V, 2V, 1V.

In the varsity eight race, Brown's time of 5:28.1 narrowly edging the Crimson's 5:29.9. Harvard won the three races prior to that and held a lead in the fifth varsity eight until the final 350 meters when it made contact with a channel marker.

Harvard's third varsity won by the largest margin, winning by 10 seconds with a time of 5:54.5. In the second varsity, the Crimson held off the Bears to capture the victory by less than two seconds with a time of 5:52.3. The fourth varsity garnered its win by five seconds, finishing the course in a time of 6:09.2.

1V: Cole Durbin (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Sam Hardy (7), Alexander Richards (6), David Ambler (5), Samuel Meijer (4), Conor Harrity (3), Daniel Bridgwater (2), Jack Kelley (bow)

2V: George Cozens (coxswain), Dominic Glover (stroke), Ethan Seder (7), Joseph Johnson (6), Lucas Clarke (5), James Clarke (4), Travis Taaffe (3), Nicholas Plaut (2), Jack Luby (bow)

3V: Jennifer Kunes (coxswain), Ryan Rasmussen (stroke), Lars Lorch (7), Arthur Doyle (6), Andrew Morley (5), David Fleming (4), Carter Dickinson (3), Curtis McLeod (2), Andre Dempsey (bow)

4V: Nicolas Yan (coxswain), Anthony Kenny (stroke), Max Mezger (7), Samuel Monkley (6), Andrew Haimovici (5), Pieter Quinton (4), Benjamin Strathmore (3), Jack Richards (2), Niels Laurberg (bow)

5V: Katherine Wang (coxswain), Bryce Anderson (stroke), Travis Anderson (7), David Orner (6), Alexander Green (5), Christopher Fenaroli (4), Zachary Keller (3), Henry Lynch (2), Marshall Sloane (1)

Varsity 8
Brown – 5:28.1
Harvard – 5:29.9

Second Varsity 8
Harvard – 5:52.3
Brown – 5:54.1

Third Varsity 8
Harvard – 5:54.5

Brown – 6:04.8

Fourth Varsity 8
Harvard – 6:09.2
Brown – 6:14.2

Fifth Varsity 8
Brown – 6:25.6
Harvard – 6:39.7 

Harvard returns home to host Princeton April 14 with the Compton Cup up for grabs.