No. 4 Heavyweight Crew Day Advances Three Boats to Sunday’s Grand Finals at IRAs

No. 4 Heavyweight Crew Day Advances Three Boats to Sunday’s Grand Finals at IRAs

Harvard has three boats competing for the national title Sunday (Zack Williamson).

FOLSOM, Calif. – The No. 4 Harvard heavyweight crew saw three of its boats qualify for Sunday's grand finals at the 2017 IRA National Championships, held on Lake Natoma. 

The first, second and third varsity boats all reached the grand final, while the varsity four will compete in the petite final.

The Crimson placed first in the 1V8 semifinal, as Harvard held on to defeat California by a 5:38.375 to 5:39.651 margin. Brown was a close third in the event in 5:40.226. Sunday's grand final, scheduled for 12:30 p.m. PST, will include Harvard, Brown, California, Princeton, Washington and Yale.

In the second varsity semifinals, Harvard earned a spot in the grand final by taking second, ahead of BU (5:46.942) in 5:45.628. Washington won the heat with a mark of 5:42.317. The Crimson will race against Boston University, California, Princeton, Washington and Yale in Sunday's grand final, which will be held at 11:20 a.m. PST. 

Harvard won its semifinal heat in the third varsity eight, edging Yale by a time of 5:44.579 to 5:45.430. The Crimson qualified for Sunday's grand final (11 a.m. PST) and will race California, Navy, Princeton, Washington and Yale.

In the final event of the day, the Crimson's varsity four boat was fourth in its semifinal event, finishing the course in 6:26.846. California won the race in (6:19.618), followed by Princeton (6:21.983) and Marietta (6:24.831). Harvard will take on Dartmouth, Marist, MIT, Navy and Wisconsin in Sunday's petite final at 9:20 a.m. PST.

First Varsity
Cole Durbin (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Lars Lorch (7), Vincent Breet (6), James Johnston (5), Alexander Richards (4), Conor Harrity (3), Arthur Doyle (2), David Ambler (bow) 

Semifinal 2
1.         Harvard            5:38.375
2.         California          5:39.651
3.         Brown              5:40.226
4.         Syracuse          5:44.149
5.         Northeastern    5:45.918
6.         Wisconsin         5:48.004
7.         BU                   5:49.117

Second Varsity
Jennifer Kunes (Coxswain), Jack Kelley (stroke), Ross Jarvis (7), Sam Hardy (6), Henry Kennelly (5), Samuel Meijer (4), Chase Buchholz (3), Travis Taaffe (2), James Clarke (bow) 

Semifinal 1
1.         California          5:42.317
2.         Harvard            5:45.628
3.         BU                   5:46.942
4.         Northeastern    5:50.734
5.         Penn                5:51.917
6.         Dartmouth        5:54.656

Third Varsity
Madeleine Zabriskie (coxswain), Dominic Glover (stroke), Juri-Mikk Udam (7), Ryan Rasmussen (6), Benjamin Cohen (5), David Fleming (4), Max Ferguson (3), Pieter Quinton (2), Benjamin Strathmore (bow)

Semifinal 2
1.         Harvard            5:44.579
2.         Yale                 5:45.430
3.         Navy                5:51.604
4.         Northeastern    5:56.111
5.         Dartmouth        5:57.466
6.         Cornell             5:57.930

Varsity 4+
Nicolas Yan (coxswain), Philip Bates (stroke), Nicholas Plaut (3), Andre Dempsey (2), Andrew Morley (bow)

Semifinal 2
1.         California        6:19.618
2.         Princeton         6:21.983
3.         Marietta          6:24.831
4.         Harvard           6:26.846
5.         Wisconsin       6:30.070
6.         MIT                 6:36.883