No. 5 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Sweeps No. 4 Princeton at Compton

No. 5 Harvard improved to 2-0 on the season (Zack Williamson).

PRINCETON, N.J. – The No. 5 Harvard heavyweights reclaimed the Compton Cup for the first time in three years, as the Crimson swept all five races against No. 4 Princeton on Lake Carnegie Saturday morning.

On a clear morning with the tailwind building through the races, all five events were decided by four seconds or less.

Starting with the fifth varsity, Harvard claimed its first win, taking the race in 6:07.2 to 6:09.3. In the 4V8 race, the Crimson again emerged victorious, crossing the finish line with a time of 5:47.0, compared to Princeton's 5:50.9.

After Harvard won the third varsity eight 5:40.0 to 5:43.3, the Crimson held off the Tigers by the slimmest margin of the day, 5:31.0 to 5:31.3, in the 2V8.

Racing for the Compton Cup, Harvard took the varsity eight event by a time of 5:30.1, defeating Princeton (5:34.1) by four seconds.

For the full, archived replay of the game on the Ivy League Digital Network, click here.

Harvard will face No. 10 Penn and No. 18 Navy on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia in the Adams Cup Saturday, April 22. 

Varsity Eight: Cole Durbin (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Lars Lorch (7), Vincent Breet (6), James Johnston (5), Alexander Richards (4), Sam Hardy (3), Arthur Doyle (2), David Ambler (bow)

Second Varsity Eight: Jennie Kunes (coxswain), Ross Jarvis (stroke), Travis Taaffe (7), Pieter Quinton (6), Conor Harrity (5), James Clarke (4), Sam Meijer (3), Chase Buchholz (2), Jack Kelley (bow) 

Third Varsity Eight: Maddie Zabriskie (coxswain), Dom Glover (stroke), Juri-Mikk Udam, (7), Henry Kennelly (6), Benjamin Cohen (5), David Fleming (4), Max Ferguson (3), Ryan Rasmussen (2), Ben Strathmore (bow)

Fourth Varsity Eight: Nick Yan (coxswain), Anthony Kenny (stroke), Max Mezger (7), Nicholas Plaut (6), Andre Dempsey (5), Andrew Morley (4), Phil Bates (3), Jack Richards (2), Jack Luby (bow) 

Fifth Varsity Eight: Jacob Russell (coxswain), David Orner (stroke), Niels Laurberg (7), Blake Patterson (6), Travis Anderson, (5), Henry Lynch (4), Miles Neumann (3), Bryce Anderson (2), Thomas Hlebowicz (bow)

Harvard – 6:07.2
Princeton – 6:09.3

Harvard – 5:47.0
Princeton – 5:50.9

Harvard – 5:40.0
Princeton – 5:43.3

Harvard – 5:31.0
Princeton – 5:31.3

Harvard – 5:30.1
Princeton – 5:34.1