Harvard Heavyweights Sweep Three Completed Races

Harvard Heavyweights Sweep Three Completed Races

NEW LONDON, Conn. – It was a standout day for the Crimson at the 151st Harvard-Yale Regatta, who swept all three races run by a cumulative margin of over 70 seconds.  The Crimson took the second and third varsity races, as well as the combination event Saturday. The second varsity remained undefeated with its triumph over the Bulldogs.

In the second varsity race, the Crimson used the first 90 seconds to create a length lead on the Elis. Yale did its best to stay within that length, but by the first mile Harvard's second varsity had created a full length of open water. When the crews reached the midway point a half mile later, the Harvard advantage was at two lengths and increased to greater than three at the two-mile marker.

Yale did its best to close the gap over the final mile, but Harvard concluded the three-mile course eight seconds ahead of its rival, clocking in at 18:03.67.

The sunny afternoon began with the third varsity from Harvard sprinting away from Yale in the early stages and finishing a tremendous race in the two-mile affair. After a rolling start, the Crimson created an open-water advantage by the half mile mark. The Harvard lead had turned into multiple boat lengths by the mile mark, with the Crimson holding nearly a 20-second advantage. Harvard continued to widen the margin over the final mile, crossing in 11:39.78, over 40 seconds faster than Yale.

The rock started the day Crimson after Harvard's combination crew topped Yale Saturday evening by over 18 seconds.

Despite the bright ray of sun shining down on the Thames River Sunday, the wind and blustery conditions proved to be too much interference to complete the 151st Harvard-Yale Regatta.  

Following the successful completion of the second and third varsity races, the varsity eights lined up for the four-mile excursion. Yale took the early lead, but the large waves continued to attack and the Harvard crew took on enough water to sink by the half mile mark. The referee raised the red flag and blew the horn, indicating that the race had been stopped, and both crews stopped rowing. Yale then decided to resume rowing, and ultimately refused the re-start prescribed by the referee. All members of the Harvard varsity eight were secured onto surrounding boats and transported to safety successfully with no injuries.

A similar incident occurred in 2012, when, in the freshman race, the Yale crew was hit by a massive wake. The race was stopped by the referee so that the Yale crew could be bailed out, and then restarted with the same margin.

First Varsity
Coxswain: Jacqueline Goodman; Stroke: Ross Jarvis; 7: Connor Harrity; 6: Alexander Richards; 5: James Johnston; 4: James Croxford; 3: Sam Hardy; 2: Arthur Doyle; Bow: Jack Kelley
Declared No Race

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Liam Corrigan; 7: Lars Lorch; 6: Henry Kennelly; 5: Sam Meijer; 4: Ryan Rasmussen; 3: Achim Harzheim; 2: Adam Janes; Bow:Travis Taaffe 
Harvard: 18:03.67
Yale: 18:11.67

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Jennie Kunes; Stroke Dom Glover; 7: Benj Cohen; 6: James Clarke; 5: Max Ferguson; 4: Sean Vedrinelle; 3: Phil Bates; 2: Curtis McLeod; Bow: Ben Strathmore
Harvard: 11:39.78
Yale: 12:23.1

Combination Race
Coxswain: Maddie Zabriskie; Stroke: Chase Buchholz, 7: Carter Dickinson; 6: Tom Marshall; 5: Juri-Mikk Udam; 4: David Fleming; 3: Pat Dowling; 2: Owen Borges; Bow: James Green
Harvard: 9:36.67
Yale: 9:54.86