No. 6 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Sends Three Boats to Grand Finals

Photo courtesy of OAC
Photo courtesy of OAC

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 6 Harvard men's heavyweight crew put three boats into the grand final after a successful Saturday at the IRA National Championships. The Crimson varsity eight and second varsity finished third and second, respectively, while the 3V picked up a win over Washington and California to all earn spots in their respective grand finals.

The Crimson V8 faces Princeton, Yale, California, Washington and Brown tomorrow in the grand final at 7:08 a.m.

In the top race, California raced out to a quick lead before the 200-meter mark, as the rest of the pack battled for second place. By 500 meters, Washington and Harvard were battling for second with Navy and Northeastern slightly behind. The Crimson stayed on the Washington's stroke seat and distanced itself from Navy and NU by the midway point. With three to the grand final, Harvard continued its pace to finish with a time of 5:38.890 and advance.

The second varsity will race in the grand final against Wisconsin, Washington, Princeton, BU and California. In the semifinals, Harvard and Princeton raced out to a quick lead ahead of Brown and Wisconsin. By the halfway point, Princeton had stretched its lead to three seats, but the Crimson stayed ahead of the Badgers by a boat length. Brown made a move for third, but Harvard was able to hold off both the Bears and Badgers, finishing with a time of 5:38.930 to be in the GF.

After winning its semifinals, the Crimson third varsity will face off against California, Washington, Princeton, Brown and BU in the grand final. Harvard and Washington posted strong starts, sitting level after 300 meters. Just before the midpoint, the Crimson fell just behind the Huskies, but used a quick burst to overtake Washington by the 1,000-meter mark. Harvard grew its lead to a deck with 750 meters to row and the Crimson held on to finish in 5:41.090, less than a second ahead of Washington (5:41.780).

In the closest race of the day, the varsity four finished fourth, just 0.4 of a second behind the leader. Crossing the 1,000 meter mark, California was the early leader, followed by Harvard and Georgetown. The Bears had a half-length lead, but Princeton started to walk back into the top-3. Trying to advance to the grand final, Harvard, Princeton, Cal and Wisconsin sprinted towards the finish. Princeton surged over the final 250 to take the win, followed by California (6:22.790) and Wisconsin (6:22.990). The Crimson was just 0.07 behind the Badgers to miss out on the GF.

First Varsity
Cole Durbin (coxswain), Jack Kelley (stroke), James Croxford (7), Connor Harrity (6), Alexander Richards (5), James Johnston (4),  Ross Jarvis (3), Sam Hardy (2), Arthur Doyle (bow)
Order  Entry    Result
1          California        5:29.880
2          Washington     5:32.620
3          Harvard           5:38.890
4          Northeastern   5:41.370
5          Navy    5:43.620
6          Stanford          5:48.640

Second Varsity
Jacqueline Goodman (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Lars Lorch (7), Henry Kennelly (6), Sam Meijer (5), Ryan Rasmussen (4), Achim Harzheim (3), Adam Janes (2), Travis Taaffe (bow)
Order  Entry    Result
1          Princeton         5:35.830
2          Harvard           5:38.930
3          Wisconsin        5:39.850
4          Brown  5:42.760
5          Northeastern   5:45.950
6          Columbia         5:49.440

Third Varsity
Jennie Kunes (coxswain), Dom Glover (stroke), Benjamin Cohen (7), James Clarke (6), Max Ferguson (5), Sean Vedrinelle (4), Phil Bates (3), Curtis McLeod (2), Ben Strathmore (bow)
Order  Entry    Result
1          Harvard           5:41.090
2          Washington     5:41.780
3          California        5:44.780
4          Wisconsin        5:45.770
5          Navy    5:57.250
6          Dartmouth      6:03.430

Varsity 4+
Maddie Zabriskie (coxswain), David Fleming (4), Pat Dowling (3), Thomas Marshall (2), James Green (1)
Order  Entry    Result
1          Princeton         6:22.660
2          California        6:22.790
3          Wisconsin        6:22.990
4          Harvard           6:23.060
5          Georgetown    6:32.780
6          Pennsylvania   6:35.120