Second Varsity Leads No. 5 Men’s Heavies at EARC Sprints

Second Varsity Leads No. 5 Men’s Heavies at EARC Sprints

Harvard's second varsity's victory highlighted a strong overall team performance at Sprints (Athletic Communications).

WORCESTER, Mass. – Competing on the two kilometer course on Lake Quinsigamond, No. 5 men's heavyweight crew picked up a victory in the second varsity to lead the team at the EARC Sprints on Sunday. The varsity eight took fourth overall, while the third and fourth varsities tallied second-place results.

It marked the first time since 2011 that the 2V won the Sprints title. It marked the first time since 2012 that the Crimson had every boat in the grand final. 

Harvard's second varsity took an early lead in the grand final and never gave up control en route to a triumph with a time of 5:55.49. The squad topped Wisconsin by nearly two seconds for the top prize, while Cornell finished 2.1 seconds back of the Crimson's winning vessel.

The varsity eight took fourth overall after crossing the finish line in 5:42.53. After winning its heat in the preliminary round, the Crimson battled with Brown for third for the duration of the competition's final event. Yale tallied the victory with a time of 5:37.49.

The third varsity wound up second after posting a time of 5:54.62. Battling windy conditions, Harvard and Princeton were side-by-side through much of the sprint, with the Tigers eventually recording the win in 5:53.52.

With a time of 6:02.38, Harvard took second overall in the fourth varsity while the fifth squad ended up in fifth after stopping the clock at 6:12.30.

The fifth-ranked heavies head to Mercer Lake, New Jersey for the IRA National Championships June 3-5.

Varsity Eight – Grand Final
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Jack Kelley, 7 James Croxford, 6 Conor Harrity, 5 Alexander Richards, 4 James Johnston, 3 Ross Jarvis, 2 Sam Hardy, Bow:Arthur Doyle
1. Yale – 5:37.49
2. Princeton – 5:39.83
3. Brown – 5:40.64
4. Harvard 5:42.53

Second Varsity – Grand Final
Coxwain: Jaqueline Goodman; Stroke: Liam Corrigan, 7 Lars Lorch, 6 Henry Kennelly, 5 Sam Meijer, 4 Ryan Rasmussen, 3 Achim Harzheim, 2 Adam Janes, Bow: Travis Taaffe
1. Harvard – 5:55.49
2. Wisconsin – 5:57.15
3. Cornell – 5:57.62

Third Varsity –Grand Final
Coxwain: Jennie Kunes; Stroke: Dom Glover, 7 Benj Cohen, 6 James Clarke, 5 Pat Dowling, 4 Sean Vedrinelle, 3 Phil Bates, 2 Curtis McLeod, Bow: Ben Strathmore
1. Princeton – 5:53.52
2. Harvard – 5:54.62
3. Brown – 5:56.58

Fourth Varsity – Grand Final
Coxwain: Maddie Zabriskie; Stroke: Chase Buchholz, 7 Carter Dickinson, 6 Tom Marshall, 5 Max Ferguson, 4 David Fleming, 3 Juri Udam, 2 Owen Borges, Bow:James Green
1. Princeton – 5:59.87
2. Harvard – 6:02.38
3. Cornell – 6:04.13

Fifth Varsity – Grand Final
Coxwain: Jacob Russell; Stroke: Ty Gill, 7 Travis Anderson, 6 Jack Lane, 5 Niels Laurberg, 4 Scott DeAngelo, 3 Thomas Hlebowicz, 2 Chris Fenaroli, Bow:Michael Yuan
1. Navy – 6:00.47
2. Wisconsin – 6:01.24
3. Boston University – 6:06.29
5. Harvard - 6:12.30