No. 5 Heavyweight Crew Wins 18th-Straight Adams Cup

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 5 Harvard men's heavyweight crew held off a strong No. 13 Penn and No. 12 Navy to retain the Adams Cup for the 18th-straight year Saturday morning on the Charles River. The Crimson also won the Clothier Trophy for overall team points.

The varsity eight wrapped the day with a half-second win over a surging Penn team, who finished open water ahead of Navy. Harvard clocked a time of 5:54.5, while the Quakers crossed in 5:55.0. A crosswind had begun to blow before the V8 race, but overall the water was calm on the Charles.

The second varsity withstood a strong Navy start to walk over the Quakers and Mids over the middle 1,000 of the race and clock a time of 5:57.9. Penn stopped the clock at 6:03.1, one second ahead of Navy.

Harvard also won the third varsity event with a time of 6:03.9. The Crimson was well ahead of Navy (6:08.4) and Penn (6:15.0).

BU joined the event for the fourth varsity and fifth varsity four races, winning each. In the 4V, BU edged out the Crimson by two seats with a 1.3-second win. Navy was open water behind, crossing six seconds after Harvard. Navy started the day with a win in the 5V4, crossing with 6:53.0 ticks off the clock.

The Crimson wraps its regular season next weekend on the Charles River against Northeastern with the Smith Cup. The race will be streamed live on the Ivy League Digital Network.

Varsity Eight: Cole Durbin (coxswain), Conor Harrity (stroke), James Croxford (7), James Johnston (6), Ross Jarvis (5), Jack Kelley (4), Alexander Richards (3), Sam Hardy (2), Arthur Doyle (bow)
Harvard          5:54.5
Penn   5:55.0
Navy   6:01.4 

Second Varsity: Jacqueline Goodman (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Travis Taaffe (7), Henry Kennelly (6), Lars Lorch (5), Sean Vedrinelle (4), Achim Harzheim (3), Adam Janes (2), Sam Meijer (bow)
Harvard          5:57.9
Penn   6:03.1
Navy   6:04.1

Third Varsity: Jennifer Kunes (coxswain), Dom Glover (stroke), Juri Udam (7), Ryan Rasmussen (6), Pat Dowling (5), Tommy Marshall (4), Ben Strathmore (3), Curtis McLeod (2), James Green (bow)
Harvard          6:03.9
Navy   6:08.4
Penn   6:15.0

Fourth Varsity: Madeleine Zabriskie (coxswain), Chase Buchholz (stroke), Phil Bates (7), James Clarke (6), Travis Anderson (5), David Fleming (4), Carter Dickinson (3), Ty Gill (2), Jack Lane (bow)
BU       6:59.0
Harvard          7:00.3
Navy   7:06.2

Fifth Varsity Four: Jacob Russell (coxswain), Stefano Belfiore (4), Michael Yuan (3), Chris Fenaroli (2), Thomas Hlebowicz (1)
Navy   6:53.0
BU       6:53.6
Navy   6:58.6
BU       7:09.5
Harvard          7:34.6