No. 5 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Upends No. 7 Cornell

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson

ITHACA, N.Y. – No. 5 Harvard men's heavyweight crew took three of five races from No. 7 Cornell Saturday morning at Cayuga Lake, posting solid wins in the first, second and third varsity events.

With a slight tailwind that built over the race to a stiff wind, the fourth varsity competed first, dropping an open water result to the home team. In the top event, the Crimson rowed a strong race to come away with a five-second win over the Big Red, crossing in 5:41.7. George Washington was six seconds behind Cornell.  

The second varsity clocked the fastest time of the day, stopping the clock in 5:38.5. Cornell was 11 seconds behind, followed closely by George Washington.

The 3V also posted a strong showing, outpacing Cornell by nearly five seconds and finishing in 5:53.7. George Washington crossed in 6:03.7.

The Crimson travels to Providence, Rhode Island next weekend to face Brown in search of the Stein Cup.

Varsity Eight: Cole Durbin (coxswain), Conor Harrity (stroke), James Croxford (7), James Johnston (6), Ross Jarvis (5), Achim Harzheim (4), Sean Vedrinelle (3), Sam Hardy (2), Arthur Doyle (bow)
Harvard          5:41.7
Cornell            5:46.3
GW                  5:52.5

Second Varsity: Jacqueline Goodman (coxswain), Liam Corrigan (stroke), Travis Taaffe (7), Alexander Richards (6), Sam Meijer (5), Henry Kennelly (4), Ben Strathmore (3), Adam Janes (2), Max Ferguson (bow)
Harvard          5:38.5
Cornell            5:49.1
GW                  5:51.6

Third Varsity: Jennifer Kunes (coxswain), Dom Glover (stroke), Phil Bates (7), Ryan Rasmussen (6), Pat Dowling (5), David Fleming (4), Travis Anderson (3), James Clarke (2), James Green (bow)
Harvard          5:53.7
Cornell            5:58.4
GW                  6:03.7

Fourth Varsity: Madeleine Zabriskie (coxswain), Chase Buchholz (stroke), Carter Dickinson (7), Curtis McLeod (6), Stefano Belfiore (5), Owen Borges (4), Jack Lane (3), Ty Gill (2), Michael Yuan (bow)
Cornell            5:59.2
Harvard          6:10.6

Fifth Varsity: Jacob Russell (coxswain), Jack Lane (4), Michael Yuan (3), Chris Fenaroli (2), Thomas Hlebowicz (1)
Cornell            6:46.4
Harvard          7:07.9
Cornell            7:16.8