On to the Grand Final for Three Men’s Heavyweight Crews

Photo courtesy of OAC
Photo courtesy of OAC

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – The Harvard men's heavyweight crew varsity eight punched its ticket to the IRA National Championships grand final with a strong race in the semifinals Saturday afternoon at Mercer Lake. The third varsity and varsity four will join the top boat in their respective grand finals, while the second varsity will race in the petite final tomorrow.

In an extremely competitive semifinal race, Harvard rowed admirably to finish second overall to defending national champion Washington. By the midpoint, the Crimson were keeping pace with the Huskies, and fending off surges from both Northeastern and rival Yale. Harvard continued to power through the final 500, finishing under three seconds off the pace from Washington. The Huskies from Boston edged out the Elis for a spot in the grand final, finishing just over a second behind the Crimson.

Joining Harvard, Washington and Northeastern in the grand final will be Cal, Brown and Princeton.  

The third varsity started the day for the heavyweights with a second-place finish to advance to the finals. Sitting in fourth early on, Harvard came on strong at the midway point, passing BU and challenging for the No. 1 spot. Cal held on, crossing in 6:04.364, but the Crimson punched their ticket with a time of 6:05.601.

In the 3V grand final with the Crimson will be Princeton, Washington, California, Brown and Yale.

The varsity four also punched its ticket to the grand final with a third-place showing in the semifinals, clocking a time of 6:26.798. Just 0.2 off the pace of Cal, the Crimson separated itself from the final three with 750 meters to go and would not look back.

The JV will race in the petite final after finishing fourth overall in a tightly-contested semifinal. Brown and Cal finished 1-2 in the closest race of the day, clocking times of 5:39.930 and 5:39.956, respectively. BU and Harvard were battling for a spot in the grand final, but a late surge by the Crimson would not be enough, crossing 1.6 seconds after the Terriers. Harvard will face off against Penn, Cornell, Northeastern, Dartmouth and Wisconsin tomorrow.

First Varsity
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Charlie Risbey; 7: Jack Kelley; 6: Alexander Richards; 5: Conor Harrity; 4: Chase Buchholz; 3: Max Meyer Bosse; 2: Ross Jarvis; Bow: James Medway
1          Washington     5:32.741
2          Harvard           5:35.464
3          Northeastern   5:36.500
4          Yale                 5:36.520
5          Cornell             5:38.520
6          Columbia         5:55.299

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff; Stroke: James Croxford; 7: Travis Taaffe; 6: Curtis McLeod; 5: Max Ferguson; 4: Ed Rippon; 3: James Johnston; 2: Sean Vedrinelle; Bow: Ben Strathmore
1          Brown              5:39.930
2          California        5:39.956
3          BU                   5:43.087
4          Harvard           5:44.666
5          Cornell                        5:46.795
6          Pennsylvania   6:01.083

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Dom Glover; 7: Phil Bates; 6: Juri-Mikk Udam; 5: Henry Kennelly; 4: Andrew Emmett; 3: Ryan Rasmussen; 2: James Green; Bow: Adam Janes
1          California        6:04.364
2          Harvard           6:05.601
3          BU                   6:06.364
4          Oregon State   6:31.707
5          Drexel             6:34.705

Varsity Four 
Coxswain: Joanie Kim; Stroke: Ty Gill; 3: Stefano Belfiore; 2: Achim Harzheim; Bow: Craig Slater
1          Washington     6:24.057
2          California        6:26.596
3          Harvard           6:26.798
4          Marietta          6:28.366
5          Brown              6:31.273
6          BU                   6:31.617