No. 5 Heavyweight Crew Finishes Fifth at Eastern Sprints; Freshmen Win Grand Final

The freshmen heavyweights won their grand final race at the Eastern Sprints (Harvard Athletic Communications).

WORCESTER, Mass. – A long day of racing on the calm Lake Quinsigamond concluded late Sunday afternoon with the Harvard heavyweight varsity eight finishing fifth in the last grand final of a busy day of racing at the 2015 EARC Sprints. Harvard's freshmen heavyweights pulled away late in its grand final to top Wisconsin in the midafternoon race.

The Crimson's top varsity squad won its preliminary heat in the morning portion of the competition to earn a spot in the grand final. In the final race of the day, the heavyweight grand final proved to be two separate races, as the top four boats jockeyed for the victory to the very last stroke, while Harvard and Boston University dueled for fifth. The Crimson beat out its crosstown rival by just over one second, clocking in at 5:42.15. In the battle for first, it would be Yale that edged out the rest of the field for the victory.

Harvard's freshmen squad put together an impressive race in its grand final, besting Wisconsin by over two seconds with its finishing time of 5:46.604. The Crimson and Badgers were on equal ground heading into the final 500 meters, but Harvard took control and moved into the top position, maintaining the lead through the finish line.

The Crimson's second varsity squad placed second during its early preliminary heat, notching a spot in the grand final. The title race proved to be a challenging endeavor, with the Crimson taking sixth in 5:52.704.

The third and fourth varsity boats both competed in the petite finals and each came away with runner-up finishes. In the third varsity race, Dartmouth's boat made its move in the 300 meters and earned the victory narrowly over Harvard. The Crimson and Wisconsin were once again in a gritty battle, but Harvard's finishing time of 5:56.025 eclipsed the Badgers. The fourth varsity race saw the four boats distance themselves from each other, as Harvard's second-place finish with a time of 6:13.593 was 3.5 seconds quicker than Holy Cross, but over eight second behind Princeton.

First in the water for the heavyweights in the afternoon session was the second varsity, taking fifth in a seven-boat field that also featured varsity five's with a time of 6:19.183.

First Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Chase Buchholz; 7: James Medway; 6: Charles Risbey; 5: Max Meyer-Bosse; 4: Ross Jarvis; 3: James Johnston; 2: James Croxford; Bow: Rory Glover

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff; Stroke: Henry Kennelly; 7: Matt Carter; 6: Max Ferguson; 5: Ed Rippon; 4: Andrew Emmett; 3: Sean Vedrinelle; 2: Juri Mikk-Udam; Bow: Adam Janes

First Freshman
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Ryan Rasmussen; 7: Travis Taaffe; 6: Alexander Richards; 5: Jack Kelley; 4: Dom Glover; 3: Connor Harrity; 2: Curtis McLeod; Bow: Ben Strathmore

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Joanie Kim; Stroke: Ty Gill; 7: Phil Bates; 6: Achim Harzheim; 5: Craig Slater; 4: Stefano Belfiore; 3: Sam Hardy; 2: James Green; Bow: Eric Slater

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Tina Murphy; Stroke: Alex Uruchurtu; 7: Pat Dowling; 6: Hyde Patterson; 5: Lachlan Hanbury-Brown; 4: Will Locke; 3: Sam Green; 2: Eli Davey; Bow: Al Muzaurieta

Second Freshman
Coxswain: Jacqueline Goodman; Stroke: Max Moulton; 7: Travis Anderson; 6: Samuel Christenfeld; 5: Eric Anderson; 4: Morgan Bean; 3: Donovan Keene; 2: Jackson Reynolds; Bow: Dan Roman

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