No. 4 Heavyweight Crew Retains Stein Cup, Sweeps No. 6 Brown

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – No. 4 Harvard men's heavyweight crew earned its fifth-straight Stein Cup, as the Crimson won all five races against No. 6 Brown Saturday morning on the Charles River. All crews dealt with massive head wind in the basin.

Harvard V8 has now won 38-straight and 52 of its last 53 dual races.

The varsity eight, stroked by Charles Risbey and coxed by Jessi Izhakoff, posted a four-second win over the Bears, crossing in 6:34.8. It marked the 42nd Stein Cup win and seventh victory over the last 10 meetings. Brown crossed in 6:38.9.

The second varsity won by an open-water margin, stopping the clock in an impressive 6:26.41. Brown posted a time of 6:34.4. The freshman eight, stroked by Ryan Rasmussen, also put up a fast time, notching a seven-second win over the Bears. The third and fourth varsity started the morning off with open-water victories over the Bears, finishing in 6:38.6 and 7:00.08, respectively. The Harvard 2F also was ahead of the Brown 4V, posting a time of 7:07.8.

The Crimson hits the road for back-to-back weeks against Princeton/MIT and Navy/Penn.  

First Varsity
Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff; Stroke: Charles Risbey; 7: James Medway; 6: James Croxford; 5: Max Meyer-Bosse; 4: Ross Jarvis; 3: James Johnston; 2: Andrew Emmett; Bow: Henry Kennelly
Harvard – 6:34.8
Brown – 6:38.9

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Rory Glover; 7: Ed Rippon; 6: Josh Bernstein; 5: Sean Vedrinelle; 4: Matt Carter; 3: Adam Janes; 2: Juri-Mikk Udam; Bow: Chase Buchholz
Harvard – 6:26.4
Brown – 6:34.4

First Freshman
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Ryan Rasmussen; 7: Travis Taaffe; 6: Alexander Richards; 5: Jack Kelley; 4: Dom Glover; 3: Connor Harrity; 2: Curtis McLeod; Bow: Ben Strathmore
Harvard – 6:29.2
Brown – 6:38.4

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Joanie Kim; Stroke: Ty Gill; 7: Phil Bates; 6: Achim Harzheim; 5: Craig Slater; 4: Sam Hardy; 3: Lachlan Hanbury-Brown; 2: Eric Slater; Bow: James Green
Harvard – 6:38.6
Brown – 6:44.6

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Tina Murphy; Stroke: Alexander Uruchurtu; 7: Pat Dowling; 6: Hyde Patterson; 5: Stefano Belfiore; 4: Will Locke; 3: Sam Green; 2: Eli Davey; Bow: Al Muzaurieta

Second Freshman
Coxswain: Jacqueline Goodman; Stroke: Max Moulton; 7: Charlie Gibson; 6: Sam Christenfeld; 5: Travis Anderson; 4: Eric Anderson; 3: Donovan Keene; 2: Jackson Reynolds; Bow: Dan Roman
Harvard – 7:00.8
Harvard 2F – 7:07.8
Brown – 7:26.1