No. 3 Men’s Heavyweight Varsity Eight Bests Cornell

No. 3 Men’s Heavyweight Varsity Eight Bests Cornell

The Crimson took three of five races from the Big Red, including the V8, JV and 1F.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard men's heavyweight varsity eight continued its undefeated streak with an opening win over Cornell and George Washington Saturday morning on the Charles River.

Led by stroke Charlie Risbey and coxswain Jessi Izhakoff, the Crimson upended Cornell by under four seconds, while George Washington crossed five seconds behind the Big Red. The second varsity inched out a victory over Cornell, finishing in 6:10.60, just over two seconds before the Big Red boat. GW was open water behind the one-two finish.

The freshman eight also started its season with a win, dropping Cornell and GW by open water. The Crimson stopped the clock in 6:21.30, while Cornell finished in 6:35.40 and GW was over 20 seconds behind (6:57.30).

Cornell earned wins in the third varsity and fourth varsity races.

Harvard looks to defend the Stein Cup next weekend against Brown.


First Varsity
Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff; Stroke: Charles Risbey; 7: James Medway; 6: James Croxford; 5: Max Meyer-Bosse; 4: Ross Jarvis; 3: James Johnston; 2: Andrew Emmett; Bow: Henry Kennelly
Harvard           6:02.50
Cornell             6:06.30
GW                  6:11.50

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Rory Glover; 7: Ed Rippon; 6: Max Ferguson; 5: Sean Vedrinelle; 4: Matt Carter; 3: Adam Janes; 2: Josh Bernstein; Bow: Achim Harzheim
Harvard           6:10.60
Cornell             6:12.70
GW                  6:27.80

First Freshman
Coxswain: Cole Durbin; Stroke: Ryan Rasmussen; 7: Travis Taaffe; 6: Alexander Richards; 5: Jack Kelley; 4: Dom Glover; 3: Conor Harrity; 2: Curtis McLeod; Bow: Ben Strathmore

Harvard           6:21.30
Cornell             6:35.40
GW                  6:57.30

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Joel Bateman; Stroke: Ty Gill; 7: Juri-Mikk Udam; 6: Sam Hardy; 5: Craig Slater; 4: William Locke; 3: Lachlan Hanbury-Brown; 2: Eric Slater; Bow: James Green
Cornell            6:35.40           
Harvard           6:40.90
GW                  7:08.20

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Joanie Kim; Stroke: Alexander Uruchurtu; 7: Samuel Green; 6: Eli Davey; 5: Patrick Dowling; 4: Arthur Patterson; 3: Stefano Belfiore; 2: Aurelio Muzaurieta; Bow: Philip Bates

Second Freshman
Coxswain: Jacqueline Goodman; Stroke: Max Moulton; 7: Charlie Gibson; 6: Sam Christenfeld; 5: Travis Anderson; 4: Eric Anderson; 3: Donovan Keene; 2: Jackson Reynolds; Bow: Dan Roman
Cornell            6:53.60
Harvard           6:59.60
Harvard           7:10.40