2013-14 Men's Heavyweight Crew Roster

Hometown High School
Katharine Barton full bio Katharine Barton Yr.: Junior Hometown: Laguna Beach, Calif. High School: Laguna Beach
Stefano Belfiore full bio Stefano Belfiore Yr.: Junior Hometown: Vancouver, B.C. High School: Vancouver College
Josh Bernstein full bio Josh Bernstein Yr.: Junior Hometown: Stoney Stanton, England High School: Eton College
Vincent Breet full bio Vincent Breet Yr.: Junior Hometown: Alberton, South Africa High School: St Benedict's College
James Croxford full bio James Croxford Yr.: Junior Hometown: Kew East, Australia High School: Scotch College
Jay Ditmarsch full bio Jay Ditmarsch Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Seaforth, Australia High School: Sydney Grammar
Patrick Dowling full bio Patrick Dowling Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Rocky River, Ohio High School: St. Edward High School
Gregory Edwards full bio Gregory Edwards Yr.: Senior Hometown: Bedfordshire, England High School: Bedford Modern School
Andrew Emmett full bio Andrew Emmett Yr.: Senior Hometown: Melbourne, Australia High School: Scotch College
Rory Glover full bio Rory Glover Yr.: Junior Hometown: Church Point, Australia High School: Sydney Grammar
James Green full bio James Green Yr.: Junior Hometown: Worcester, England High School: King's School
William Hakim full bio William Hakim Yr.: Senior Hometown: Belmont, Mass. High School: Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School
Lachlan Hanbury-Brown full bio Lachlan Hanbury-Brown Yr.: Junior Hometown: Sydney, Australia High School: The Shore School
Achim Harzheim full bio Achim Harzheim Yr.: Junior Hometown: Mainz, Germany High School: Bischöfliches Willigis Gymnasium Mainz
JP Hogan full bio JP Hogan Yr.: Senior Hometown: Newport Beach, Calif. High School: Newport Harbor
Andrew Holmes full bio Andrew Holmes Yr.: Senior Hometown: Lochwinnoch, Scotland High School: George Watson's College
Jessi Izhakoff full bio Jessi Izhakoff Yr.: Junior Hometown: Miami, Fla. High School: Pine Crest School
Adam Janes full bio Adam Janes Yr.: Junior Hometown: York, England High School: St. Peter's School
Nick Jaroszewicz full bio Nick Jaroszewicz Yr.: Senior Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio High School: Indian Hill
Joanie Kim full bio Joanie Kim Yr.: Junior Hometown: Upper Sadle River, N.J. High School: North Highlands Regional
Robert Ledniczky full bio Robert Ledniczky Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Maidstone, U.K. High School: Maidstone Grammar
Peter Lehner full bio Peter Lehner Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Boston, Mass. High School: Buck Brown Nichols
William Locke full bio William Locke Yr.: Junior Hometown: Cataumet, Mass. High School: Eton College
Ben Lynton full bio Ben Lynton Yr.: Senior Hometown: Queenstown, New Zealand High School: Christ's College
Brittanie Maxwell full bio Brittanie Maxwell Yr.: Senior Hometown: Laporte, Minn. High School: Bemidji
James Medway full bio James Medway Yr.: Senior Hometown: Pymble, Australia High School: Sydney Grammar
Max Meyer-Bosse full bio Max Meyer-Bosse Yr.: Senior Hometown: Westport, Conn. High School: Staples
Arthur Patterson full bio Arthur Patterson Yr.: Junior Hometown: San Francisco, Calif. High School: San Francisco University High School
Abraham Polinsky full bio Abraham Polinsky Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Brookline, Mass. High School: Roxbury Latin School
Robert Rasmussen full bio Robert Rasmussen Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Washington, D.C. High School: St. Andrew's School
Andrew Reed full bio Andrew Reed Yr.: Senior Hometown: Wayland, Mass. High School: Belmont Hill School
Ed Rippon full bio Ed Rippon Yr.: Junior Hometown: Peterborough, England High School: The Henley College
Charles Risbey full bio Charles Risbey Yr.: Junior Hometown: Melbourne, Australia High School: Melbourne Grammar School
Peter Scholle full bio Peter Scholle Yr.: Senior Hometown: Chestnut Hill, Mass. High School: Belmont Hill School
Austin Shin full bio Austin Shin Yr.: Junior Hometown: Tampa, Fla. High School: Berkeley Prep School
Craig Slater full bio Craig Slater Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Tinton Falls, N.J. High School: Ranney School
Eric Slater full bio Eric Slater Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Mendota Heights, Minn. High School: Henry Sibley Senior High School
Jack Smith full bio Jack Smith Yr.: Senior Hometown: Worcester, Mass. High School: St. Johns
Alexander Uruchurtu full bio Alexander Uruchurtu Yr.: Senior Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia High School: The Southport School

2013-14 Freshman Roster

Hometown High School
Maryssa Barron full bio Maryssa Barron Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Little Rock, Ark. High School: Central
Joel Bateman full bio Joel Bateman Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand High School: Auckland Grammar School
Philip Bates full bio Philip Bates Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Bethesda, Md. High School: Gonzaga College High School
Matthew Bean full bio Matthew Bean Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. High School: Westmindster Schools
James Bollinger full bio James Bollinger Yr.: Freshman Hometown: McLean, Va. High School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Chase Buchholz full bio Chase Buchholz Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Providence, R.I. High School: Moses Brown
Matthew Carter full bio Matthew Carter Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Chelmsford, England High School: Abingdon School
Eli Davey full bio Eli Davey Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Berkeley, Calif. High School: Berkeley
Max Ferguson full bio Max Ferguson Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Miami Beach, Fla. High School: Home School
Daniel Fulop full bio Daniel Fulop Yr.: Freshman Hometown: South Salem, N.Y. High School: John Jay Senior High
Samuel Green full bio Samuel Green Yr.: Freshman Hometown: New York, N.Y. High School: Phillips Academy
Mounir Jamal full bio Mounir Jamal Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Ada, Mich. High School: Forest Hills Central
Ross Jarvis full bio Ross Jarvis Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Manly, Australia High School: Davidson High School
James Johnston full bio James Johnston Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa High School: Bishops Diocesan College
Henry Kennelly full bio Henry Kennelly Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Manchester, Mass. High School: Phillips Academy
Timothy McNamara full bio Timothy McNamara Yr.: Freshman Hometown: South Dartmouth, Mass. High School: Tabor Academy
Tina Murphy full bio Tina Murphy Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Galloway, N.J. High School: Absegami
Aurelio Muzaurieta full bio Aurelio Muzaurieta Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla. High School: Bolles School
William Sack full bio William Sack Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Goshen, Ky. High School: St. Xavier
Jacob Stepansky full bio Jacob Stepansky Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Upper Montclair, N.J. High School: Montclair
Julia Thomas full bio Julia Thomas Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Sudbury, Mass. High School: Lincoln Sudbury Regional
Juri-Mikk Udam full bio Juri-Mikk Udam Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia High School: Tallinn Secondary Science School
Sean Vedrinelle full bio Sean Vedrinelle Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Montfort l'Amaury, France High School: Lycee Saint Joseph Reims
Michael Yuan full bio Michael Yuan Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Millburn, N.J. High School: Millburn
James Zatsiorsky full bio James Zatsiorsky Yr.: Freshman Hometown: Shrewsbury, Mass. High School: St. John's High School