Men’s Heavyweight Crew Finishes Fifth at IRA National Championships

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson

The Crimson freshmen register a fourth-place showing.

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – Harvard heavyweight crew posted a fifth-place showing at the IRA National Championships Sunday afternoon on Mercer Lake.

Harvard finished with a time of 5:45.389 for fifth. Washington won the championship with a time of 5:37.113, followed by Brown (5:39.626), California (5:42.063) and Princeton (5:43.715). Harvard bested Yale by over six seconds.

Stroked by Andrew Holmes and coxed by Will Hakim, the Crimson started strong over the first 250 meters, sitting in third behind Washington and California. Brown surged over the next 500 meters, as the Crimson held a three-way tie for third with the Bears and Princeton. The three teams were level after crossing the 1000m mark, as the Huskies and Bears held a length lead in the race for first. Brown closed the gap, challenging Cal at the 1500m position as Harvard responded with 500 meters to row.

Despite a sprinting effort over the final stretch, the Crimson finished fifth overall.

The freshman eight just missed a medal with a fourth-place showing in the grand final. The Crimson clocked a time of 5:55.150, just a seat behind Brown (5:54.086). The Washington rookies won the event, with California taking second. After the halfway mark, Harvard made a strong push to close the deficit to Brown, but could not overcome the Bears.

In the third final, the Harvard 2V placed third with a time of 5:50.776. Dartmouth won the race (5:48.135), followed by Syracuse (5:50.112). The 3V placed fourth in the third final, clocking a time of 6:11.697. Wisconsin earned the win, stopping the clock at 6:01.006, followed by Holy Cross (6:03.230) and Oregon State (6:03.871).    


First Varsity
Coxswain: Will Hakim; Stroke: Andy Holmes; 7: Charlie Risbey; 6: Max Meyer-Bosse; 5: Vincent Breet; 4: Ben Lynton; 3: Andrew Reed; 2: James Medway; Bow: Peter Scholle 

Second Varsity
Coxswain: Brittanie Maxwell; Stroke: James Croxford; 7: Rory Glover; 6: Andrew Emmett; 5: Adam Janes; 4: Josh Bernstein; 3: Greg Edwards; 2: Craig Slater; Bow: Achim Harzheim

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff; Stroke: Alex Uruchurtu; 7: Peter Lehner; 6: Eric Slater; 5: Pat Dowling; 4: Stefano Belfiore; 3: Matthew Bean; 2: Jeff Rogers; Bow: Nick Jaroszewicz

Freshman Eight
Coxswain: Joel Bateman; Stroke: Chase Buchholz; 7: Matt Carter; 6: Henry Kennelly; 5: James Johnston; 4: Ty Gill; 3: Phil Bates; 2: Sean Vedrinelle; Bow: Ross Jarvis