Heavyweight Crew V8 Wins Smith Cup with Open Water Win Over Northeastern

Heavyweight Crew V8 Wins Smith Cup with Open Water Win Over Northeastern

The Crimson extends its undefeated streak to 35 races. 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The No. 4 Harvard heavyweight crew varsity eight downed Northeastern Saturday morning to earn its 17th-straight Smith Cup on the Charles River.

In a headwind, the Crimson V8, stroked by Andrew Holmes and coxed by Will Hakim, posted a time of 6:08.9. Harvard got off to a fast start and never looked back, as the Huskies crossed the finish line in 6:14.4. It marked the 23rd time over the last 26 meetings with Northeastern that Harvard has earned the Smith Cup.

The Crimson freshman eight nearly outpaced the Northeastern 2V, finishing just 0.4 of a second behind the Huskies. Northeastern clocked a time of 6:15.3, just a seat ahead of the Crimson 1F (6:15.7) and nearly two seconds ahead of Harvard's 2V (6:17.2).

Northeastern's 3V and 4V both earned the better of the Harvard boats by open water.

Harvard will be off for two weeks preparing for the EARC Sprints May 18. The Crimson has won four-straight Rowe Cups and 33 overall.

Varsity Eight:
Harvard - 6:08.9
Northeastern - 6:14.4

Second Varsity Eight:
Northeastern -            6:15.3
Harvard Frosh            - 6:15.7
Harvard 2V - 6:17.2

Third Varsity Eight:
Northeastern - 6:23.1
Harvard - 6:42.3

Fourth Varsity Eight:
BU - 6:29.0
Northeastern - 6:38.8
Harvard - 6:58.3 

First Varsity
Bow: Peter Scholle; 2: James Medway; 3: Andrew Reed; 4: Rory Glover; 5: Vincent Breet; 6: Max Meyer Bosse; 7: Greg Edwards; 8: Andy Holmes; Coxswain: Will Hakim 

Second Varsity
Bow: Achim Harzheim; 2: Craig Slater; 3: Jay Ditmarsch; 4: Josh Bernstein; 5: Adam Janes; 6: Andrew Emmett; 7: Ben Lynton; Stroke: James Croxford; Coxswain: Brittanie Maxwell 

Third Varsity
Bow: Eric Slater; 2: Nick Jaroszewicz; 3: Stefano Belfiore; 4: Peter Lehner, 5: Jon Young; 6: Morgan Bean; 7: Alex Uruchurtu; Stroke: Rob Rasmussen; Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff 

Fourth Varsity
Bow: Al Muzaurieta; 2: James Bollinger; 3: Eli Davey; 4: Nick Gavin; 5: Pat Dowling; 6: Rob Ledniczky; 7: James Green; Stroke: Jeff Rogers; Cox: Jack Smith 

First Freshman
Bow: Ross Jarvis; 2: Sean Vedrinelle; 3: Phil Bates; 4: Juri-Mikk Udam; 5: James Johnston; 6: Henry Kennelly; 7: Matt Carter; 8: Chase Buchholz; Coxswain: Joel Bateman