No. 3 Heavyweight Crew Retains Compton Cup

Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
Photo courtesy of Zack Williamson
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Building off a strong start, No. 3 Harvard heavyweight crew won its eighth-straight Compton Cup Saturday morning on the Charles River with wins over No. 4 Princeton and MIT in the varsity eight race.

With 10 mph winds, the Crimson immediately took a lead over the Tigers and Engineers, holding a two-seat advantage by the 500m mark. By the midway mark, Harvard's lead had grown to a half-length. Harvard retained its composure and held off a surging Tiger boat over the last 250 meters to take the victory less than a half-length. Harvard finished with a time of 6:09.0, as Princeton (6:10.1) ranked second and MIT was third by open water (6:45.4).

In the most exciting race of the day, the 2V rallied from an open water deficit to sprint the last 500 meters and take home a 0.4-second victory. Princeton held an early lead and extended it to five seats at the halfway mark. The Crimson would not relent, earning a strong come-from-behind win with a time of 6:19.3. The Harvard freshman boat finished third in the race with a time of 6:30.6, defeating MIT (7:09.9) by open water.

Harvard also won the fourth varsity eight race by a close margin. In a two-boat competition, the Crimson bested the Tigers by 0.5 seconds with a time of 6:44.9.

Harvard will put its streak of 14-consecutive Adams Cup victories on the line as the Crimson travels to Philadelphia to race against Penn and Navy Saturday, April 26.

Varsity Eight:
Harvard - 6:09.0
Princeton - 6:10.1
MIT - 6:45.4

Second Varsity Eight:
Harvard - 6:19.3
Princeton - 6:19.7
Harvard 1F - 6:30.6
MIT - 7:09.9

Third Varsity Eight:
Princeton - 6:28.9
Harvard - 6:44.9

Fourth Varsity Eight:
Harvard - 6:44.9
Princeton - 6:45.4

First Varsity
Bow: Peter Scholle; 2: James Medway; 3: Andrew Reed; 4: Rory Glover; 5: Vincent Breet; 6: Max Meyer Bosse; 7: Charlie Risbey; 8: Andy Holmes; Coxswain: Will Hakim

Second Varsity
Bow: James Croxford; 2: Craig Slater; 3: Jay Ditmarsch; 4: Achim Harzheim; 5: Adam Janes; 6: Andrew Emmett; 7: Ben Lynton; Stroke: Greg Edwards; Coxswain: Brittanie Maxwell

Third Varsity
Bow: Alex Uruchurtu; 2: Nick Jaroszewicz; 3: Eric Slater; 4: James Green, 5: Stefano Belfiore; 6: JP Hogan; 7: Jon Young; Stroke: Phil Bates; Coxswain: Jack Smith 

Fourth Varsity
Bow: Al Muzaurieta; 2: Eli Davey; 3: Nick Gavin; 4: Pat Dowling; 5: Jeff Rogers; 6: Peter Lehner; 7: Rob Ledniczky; Stroke: Rob Rasmussen; Coxswain: Jessi Izhakoff

First Freshman
Bow: Ross Jarvis; 2: Sean Vedrinelle; 3: Morgan Bean; 4: Juri-Mikk Udam; 5: James Johnston; 6: Henry Kennelly; 7: Matt Carter; 8: Chase Buchholz; Coxswain: Joel Bateman
Second Freshman
Bow: Sam Green; 2: Mounir Jamal; 3: Michael Yuan; 4: Jake Stepansky; 5: James Zatsiorsky; 6: Tim McNamara; 7: Will Sack; Stroke: James Bollinger; Cox: Tina Murphy
Second Varsity Race