No. 4 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Holds Off No. 3 Brown for Stein Cup

No. 4 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Holds Off No. 3 Brown for Stein Cup

The Harvard heavyweight crew claimed the Stein Cup for the third straight year and the Crimson won three of five races against Brown Saturday morning on the Charles River. Harvard improved to 40-9 against Brown all-time in Stein Cup races during the cold day with temperatures around 36 degrees and crosswinds from 8-12 miles per hour.  

"It was great racing across the board," said Harry Parker, The Thomas Bolles Head Coach for Harvard Men's Crew. "We were really pleased with the way all five boats raced and particularly pleased with the varsity race. It was a very good race by both boats and quite a stern test."

Harvard held a slight advantage in the opening 1,000 meters of the first varsity race, before gaining a 1/4 length lead. A strong Brown sprint to the finish line brought the Bears to near even with the Crimson, but Harvard held off the opposing boat. The Crimson crossed the line in 5:53.6, with Brown 1.1 seconds behind, to win the Stein Cup for the 40th time.

The Crimson also won two of the other four races on the day and was narrowly edged by Brown in two competitions. In the morning opener, the fourth varsity cruised to victory with open water. The Crimson's boat held an open-water lead by the midway point of the race and improved its advantage in the latter stages to finish 12 seconds ahead at 6:29.5. Harvard also won the second varsity race by 2.5 seconds after pulling away at the end. The Crimson was at 6:03.9 and Brown stopped the clock at 6:06.4.

Brown's wins came in the third varsity and freshman races, but not without challenging competition from Harvard. The freshmen produced the tightest race of the day, as the outcome was not determined until the final stroke. Harvard trailed entering the final 500 meters, before its ending sprint came up one foot short of the Bears' 6:06.4 mark. Brown's third varsity boat also won by a one-foot margin. The Bears completed the course in at 6:12.5 and held off Harvard, which once again trailed by less than a second.

The Crimson is away from the Charles River next weekend when it travels to Princeton, N.J., to take on the Tigers and MIT. The Compton Cup, which Harvard has won six straight times, will be competed for in the first varsity race.

First Varsity (9:18 a.m.)
Harvard – 5:53.6
Brown – 5:54.7

Second Varsity(8:54 a.m.)
Harvard – 6:03.9
Brown – 6:06.4

Freshman Eight (8:30 a.m.)
Brown – 6:06.6
Harvard – 6:06.9

Third Varsity (8:06 a.m.)
Brown – 6:12.5
Harvard – 6:13.1

Fourth Varsity (7:42 a.m.)
Harvard – 6:29.4
Brown – 6:41.5

First Varsity
Coxswain: David Fuller; Stroke: Parker Washburn; 7: Andrew Holmes; 6: Charles Risbey; 5: Vincent Breet; 4: Andrew Reed; 3: Josh Hicks; 2: James O'Connor; Bow: James Medway

Second Varsity
Coxswain: William Hakim; Stroke: Justin Mundt; 7:Gregory Edwards; 6: Max Meyer-Bosse; 5: Alex Macintosh; 4: Andrew Emmett; 3: Ed Rippon; 2: Lachlan Hanbury-Brown; Bow: Ryan Furey

First Freshmen
Coxswain: Don Kim; Stroke: Rory Glover; 7: James Croxford; 6: Craig Slater; 5: Jay Ditmarsch; 4: Robert Rasmussen; 3: Adam Janes; 2: Achim Harzheim; Bow: Abi Polinsky

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Brittanie Maxwell; Stroke: Hyde Patterson; 7: Owen Prunskis; 6: Eric Slater; 5: Stefano Belfiore; 4: Alex Uruchurtu; 3: James Green; 2: Mick Malowany; Bow: Nick Jaroszewicz

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Matt Vincent; 7: Eli Shikaloff; 6: Will Locke; 5: Robert Ledniczky; 4: Taylor Barker; 3: William Polachek; 2: Andrew Crown; Bow: Jack Freese