Harvard Heavyweight Crew Outpaces Cornell on the Charles

Harvard Heavyweight Crew Outpaces Cornell on the Charles

Newell Boathouse is the home of Harvard crew (photo Harvard Athletic Communications).

The Harvard heavyweight crew opened the 2013 spring season with impressive results against Cornell Saturday morning on the Charles River. With an increasingly challenging chop and temperatures hovering barely above 30, the Crimson took three of the four contested races from the Big Red.

The third varsity/second freshmen combination boat set the pace for Harvard by clipping Cornell in the opening race. The Crimson won in 6:30.8, just 1.5 seconds faster than Cornell's crew. Harvard's second boat in the race stopped the clock at 6:53.2.

After Cornell won the freshman competition, Harvard's two varsity boats cruised past Cornell. The Crimson second varsity won by 12.4 seconds, before Harvard's first varsity notched a 20.6-second victory. The Crimson's two best lineups finished the course in 6:44.3 and 6:16.3, respectively.

Harvard is on the Charles River again next Saturday when Brown visits Cambridge. The two teams will compete for the Stein Cup, which Harvard has won 39 times compared to Brown's nine.  

First Varsity Eight
Harvard – 6:16.3
Cornell – 6:36.9

Second Varsity Eight
Harvard – 6:44.3
Cornell – 6:56.7

3V/2F Combination
Harvard – 6:30.8
Cornell – 6:32.3
Harvard 'B' – 6:53.2

Freshmen/Novice Eight
Cornell – 6:25.3
Harvard – 6:28.1

First Varsity
Coxswain: David Fuller; Stroke: Parker Washburn; 7: Andrew Holmes; 6: Charles Risbey; 5: Vincent Breet; 4: Andrew Reed; 3: Josh Hicks; 2: James O'Connor; Bow: James Medway

Second Varsity
Coxswain: William Hakim; Stroke: Justin Mundt; 7: Ryan Furey; 6: Max Meyer-Bosse; 5: Gregory Edwards; 4: Andrew Emmett; 3: Ed Rippon; 2: Lachlan Hanbury-Brown; Bow: Alex Macintosh

First Freshmen
Coxswain: Don Kim; Stroke: Rory Glover; 7: Jay Ditmarsch; 6: Achim Harzheim; 5: James Croxford; 4: Craig Slater; 3: Adam Janes; 2: Robert Rassmussen; Bow: Abi Polinsky

Third Varsity
Coxswain: Brittanie Maxwell; Stroke: Hyde Patterson; 7: Owen Prunskis; 6: Eric Slater; 5: Stefano Belfiore; 4: Alex Uruchurtu; 3: James Green; 2: Mick Malowany; Bow: Nick Jaroszewicz

Fourth Varsity
Coxswain: Jack Smith; Stroke: Matt Vincent; 7: Eli Shikaloff; 6: Will Locke; 5: Robert Ledniczky; 4: Taylor Barker; 3: William Polachek; 2: Andrew Crown; Bow: Jack Freese