Varsity Eight’s Second-Place Showing Highlights Heavyweight Crew’s Head of the Charles

Varsity Eight’s Second-Place Showing Highlights Heavyweight Crew’s Head of the Charles

The sun sets on Newell Boathouse, home of the Harvard heavyweight and lightweight crews (photo Gil Talbot).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard's heavyweight crew helped the Crimson secure the Point Trophy for the second straight year. The award is given to the top club, school, college or university at the event.

The Crimson nearly earned its second straight win in the championship eights event, a feat Harvard has never accomplished, before placing second. Harvard was clipped by Washington's top boat, which finished five seconds quicker than the Crimson. Harvard completed the three-mile course on the Charles River in 14:42.35, topping the U.S. National Team and finished well ahead of many Ivy crews in the process. The USA was rowing under USRowing and received a three-minute penalty to place last.

The Crimson freshman eights also competed in the championship eights and topped varsity crews from Dartmouth and Columbia, among others.  

Harvard, which had more heavyweight men racing in the event than any other team, also received top-ten results in the championship fours and club eights. The crews' best fours boat placed eighth, while one club eights boat was in sixth and another earned 10th. The sixth-place boat was a mix of varsity heavyweight athletes, while the tenth-place finisher was the second freshman heavyweight eights.

In one of the more memorable boatings of the 2012 Head of the Charles, Harry Parker, The Thomas Bolles Head Coach for Harvard Men's Crew in his 51st year, rowed with his daughter, Abigail. The pair competed in the director's challenge parent/child double and placed 21st out of 26. Parker and Parker finished the route in 22:39.04

Many Harvard alumni also took to the Charles River. Nick Baker '07 captured 18th place in the championship single. Baker, racing out of Union Boat Club, bested Olympic silver medalist James Chapman among others. In the club singles, Jim Bayley '09 was third and Alex Soutter '11 finished fourth in the race with 64 entries.

Results of boats featuring Harvard-affiliated rowers
Saturday, Oct. 20
Men's master eights [50+]
Warren Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 27th – 18:02.21
Alte Achter Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 38th – 19:13.38
Men's Senior Master fours [50+]
Warren Boat Club (several Harvard alumni), 27th – 20:47.11
Men's Senior Veteran Singles
Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (Townsend Swayze '59), 3rd (SV II) - 24:04.69
Men's alumni eights
Hvl+, 12th – 15:56.12
Butte Boat Club, 24th – 16:32.95
Harvard Alumni 2009, 10th – 15:49.92
Men's club singles
James Cushing Bayley V '09, 3rd – 18:56.12
Alex Soutter '11, 4th – 18:52.20
Men's club fours
Harvard lightweight crew, 26th – 18:04.72
Men's club eights
Harvard heavyweight crew, 6th – 15:19.21
Harvard heavyweight crew, 10th – 15:35.94
Harvard lightweight crew, 12th – 15:47.49
Women's club eights
Community Rowing, Inc. (Sarah Maxwell '06, Emily Parfit '08), 11th – 18:00.68
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 10th – 17:54.58
Women's master fours [40+]
Radcliffe Alumnae Rowing Association, 11th – 21:12.94
Men's masters eights [40+]
Curvature of the Earth Rowing Club (several Harvard alumni), 18th – 17:46.79
Women's championship singles
Liv Coffey '11, 9th – 20:34.30
Men's championship singles
Nick Baker '07, 18th – 18:40.80
Senior-veteran I/II singles men
Townsend Swayze '59,  12th – 24:04.69
Directors' challenge parent/child doubles
Harry Parker and daughter Abigail Parker, 21st – 22:49.04

Sunday, Oct. 21
Men's championship fours
Harvard heavyweight crew, 9th – 17:23.98
Women's championship fours
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 7th – 19:34.21
Men's championship eights
Harvard heavyweight crew, 2nd – 14:24.35
Harvard heavyweight crew, 19th – 15:24.78
Harvard heavyweight crew, 25th – 16:06.59
Women's championship eights
USRowing (Caryn Davies '05, Esther Lofgren '09), 1st – 16:13.49
London Rowing Club "Great Eight" (Jill Carlson '12), 4th – 16:41.24
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 7th – 17:06.15
Radcliffe heavyweight crew, 20th – 17:40.10
Men's lightweight fours
Harvard lightweight crew, 7th – 18:01.49
Women's lightweight fours
Vesper Boat Club (Maryana Vrubel '12, Elizabeth Bates '11), 2nd – 19:22.94
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 13th – 21:17.73
Men's lightweight eights
Harvard lightweight crew, 1st – 14:35.71
Harvard lightweight crew, 13th – 15:29.82
Women's lightweight eights
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 1st – 16:58.83
Radcliffe lightweight crew, 7th – 18:09.22