What a Day in Worcester: Harvard Heavyweight Crew Takes Varsity and Freshman Gold, Rowe Cup

What a Day in Worcester: Harvard Heavyweight Crew Takes Varsity and Freshman Gold, Rowe Cup

The Crimson celebrates five medal-winning performances and a Rowe Cup team title.

WORCESTER, Mass. —The Harvard heavyweight varsity and freshman eights were among four Crimson boats to claim gold medals as the team captured its 30th Rowe Cup at the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges Sprints Championships on a sunny Sunday of fast rowing on Lake Quinsigamond.

The Crimson varsity, which entered seeded second and ranked fourth nationally, left with its 26th Eastern title and 26th Ivy League crown. It was the fifth title in eight years for Harvard's top boat. The freshmen, meanwhile, won their second crown in three years and 21st overall. The fourth varsity eight and the freshman four also earned gold medals, and the Crimson raced in all six grand finals after winning each of its four morning heats. Every competing freshman won a gold medal.

In the varsity eight race, Harvard avenged its only previous loss by beating third-place Brown and defeated runner-up Princeton in a full race after the Tigers did not finish their April 17 dual race against Harvard due to a collision. The Crimson led throughout, but the contest was close among the top three crews. The key was a surge by Harvard in the third 500 meters, giving the Crimson some breathing room en route to a 2.5-second win in 5:33.007.

The members of the varsity eight earned first-team All-Ivy League honors: coxswain Kelly Evans and oarsmen Patrick Lapage, Matt Edstein, Nick Jordan, David Wakulich, Sam O'Connor, Michael DiSanto, Anthony Locke and captain Blake Pucsek. Harvard earned its sixth team championship in nine years, totaling 37 points, four more than Princeton.

The freshman eight final was tight throughout among Harvard, Princeton and Cornell. The Crimson and Tigers pulled away from the Big Red in the final 500 meters, and Princeton edged ahead before Harvard employed a tremendous sprint. The Crimson passed the Tigers in the final strokes and won by about a half-second in 5:37.298. Harvard's freshman eight gold medalists are coxswain David Fuller and oarsmen Peter Scholle, James O'Connor, Parker Washburn, Justin Mundt, Jason Phillips, Eli Shikaloff, Alex MacIntosh and Josh Hicks.

Harvard's first win came in the day's first race, as the freshman four easily handled MIT by nearly 10 seconds and Penn by more than 15. That boat was made up of Matthew Vincent, Nolan Pollock, William Polachek, Tom Hanson and coxswain Colby Wilkason.

The Crimson fourth varsity trailed the rest of the field in the first half of its race but took off at 1,000 meters to overtake its opponents and go on to an open-water win. Harvard's crew of coxswain Tian Feng, Alex Housser, Davide Paresky, Edward Winters Ronaldson, Karl Hirt, Andrew Stein, Andrew Safir, Mihailo Malowany and Andrew Hamm finished more than five seconds ahead of second-place Brown.

The third varsity eight also medaled, earning a bronze when it finished less than a second behind Brown and less than three behind Wisconsin. The second varsity missed a medal by one spot, finishing fourth in its grand final.

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Team Standings
Harvard 37
Princeton 33
Brown 30
Cornell 28
Wisconsin 27
Columbia 18
Boston University 15
Syracuse 15
Dartmouth 13
Northeastern 12
Yale 10
Navy 8
Georgetown 8
Penn 2
George Washington 0
Holy Cross 0
Rutgers 0

Varsity Eight
Heat 2
Harvard 5:39.520             
Princeton 5:41.203            
Cornell 5:41.997                
Navy 5:47.286                   
Penn 5:53.999                    
MIT 6:21.519 

Grand Final
Harvard 5:33.007             
Princeton 5:35.507            
Brown 5:36.917                 
Wisconsin 5:39.208          
Dartmouth 5:39.243         
Columbia 5:43.481 

Second Varsity Eight
Heat 1
Harvard 5:48.348             
Cornell 5:49.658                
Boston University5:53.805              
Dartmouth 6:01.735         
George Washington 6:14.968          
Holy Cross 6:23.923 

Grand Final
Brown 5:36.362                 
Cornell 5:38.608                
Wisconsin 5:39.260          
Harvard 5:44.558             
Princeton 5:45.124            
Northeastern 5:54.094 

Freshman Eight
Heat 1
Harvard 5:50.042                              
Columbia 5:51.337                            
Penn 5:54.859                                     
Brown 57.615                                     
Dartmouth 6:04.392

Grand Final
Harvard 5:37.298                              
Princeton 5:37.786                             
Cornell 5:41.024                                 
Boston University 5:43.833             
Georgetown 5:46.920                        
Columbia 5:50.553 

Third Varsity Eight
Heat 1
Harvard 5:52.563                              
Brown 5:54.841                                  
Cornell 5:56.732                                 
Penn 6:05.702                                     

Grand Final
Wisconsin 5:41.300                           
Brown 5:43.349                                  
Harvard 5:44.130                              
Cornell 5:48.973                                 
Yale 5:51.614                                     
Princeton 5:53.874 

Fourth Varsity Eight
Grand Final
Harvard 6:04.489                              
Brown 6:09.647                
Navy 6:12.195

Freshman Four
Grand Final
Harvard 6:43.157                              
MIT 6:52.602                                     
Penn 7:08.784