No. 4 Harvard Heavyweight Crew Opens with Win at No. 11 Cornell

Anthony Locke and David Wakulich helped row the Harvard varsity eight to a season-opening victory.

ITHACA, N.Y.—The No. 4 Harvard heavyweight crew opened its 2010 spring season by claiming victory in all five races Saturday on the Cayuga Lake Inlet in the first head-to-head racing between the Ivy League schools since 1961.

Racing with a tailwind on a warm, sunny morning, the Crimson varsity eight came from behind to beat Cornell (1-1) by more than four seconds. Both boats started fast, and Cornell led by as much as four seats in the opening minute of the race. Harvard, however, quickly pulled even and by the 1,000-meter mark had opened a boat-length lead. The Crimson slightly increased that margin in the second 1,000 and finished in 5:36.9. Cornell crossed in 5:41.3, suffering its first dual loss since 2008.

“It was a very good race and we were very solid,” said Harry Parker, The Stone Family Head Coach for Harvard Men's Crew. “It was a strong start to our season. I thought all our crews raced very well.”

The closest race of the morning came in the third varsity eight. The Big Red edged the Crimson by two seconds in 5:46.4, but Cornell’s crew was disqualified for interfering with the Harvard boat in the second 500 meters of the course. Harvard’s junior varsity and second freshman eights won by 3.6 seconds each, in times of 5:41.3 and 6:00.2, respectively. The freshman eight won by nearly five seconds in 5:44.1. 

Varsity Eight
Harvard 5:36.9
Cornell 5:41.3

Second Varsity Eight
Harvard 5:41.3
Cornell 5:44.9

Third Varsity Eight
Harvard 5:48.4
Cornell 5:46.4
Cornell disqualified for interference

Freshman Eight
Harvard 5:44.1
Cornell 5:49.0

Second Freshman Eight
Harvard 6:00.2
Cornell 6:03.8

Harvard Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Kelly Evans, 8: Patrick Lapage, 7: Matthew Edstein, 6: Sam O'Connor, 5: David Wakulich, 4: Nick Jordan, 3: Michael DiSanto, 2: Anthony Locke, 1: Blake Pucsek

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Joseph Lin, 8: Phil Matthews, 7: Christopher Fuller, 6: Mark Fuller, 5: Spencer Livingston, 4: Ivan Posavec, 3: Connor Griffith, 2: Benjamin French, 1: Elihu Reynolds

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Alex Sopko, 8: Kyle Gordon, 7: Alex Soutter, 6: Richard Anderson, 5: Karl Hirt, 4: Lukens Orthwein, 3: David Paresky, 2: Jack Morrissey, 1: Andrew Hamm

Freshman Eight
Cox: David Fuller, 8: Peter Scholle, 7: Justin Mundt, 6: Parker Washburn, 5: James O'Connor, 4: Jason Phillips, 3: Eli Shikaloff, 2: Alex MacIntosh, 1: Josh Hicks

Second Freshman Eight
Cox: Colby Wikason, 8: Matthew Vincent, 7: Nolan Pollock, 6: Shaw McKean, 5: Tom Hanson, 4: William Polachek, 3: Mick Malowany, 2: Luke Phillips, 1: Chris Goldstein