Heavyweight, Lightweight Rowers Battle Elements at Head of the Charles

Heavyweight, Lightweight Rowers Battle Elements at Head of the Charles

Photo courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard heavyweight and lightweight rowers battled the elements over the weekend to take part in the 45th Head of the Charles on the Charles River. Highlights from the event include two top eight finishes by the heavyweights in the championship four and a third-place finsih by the lightweight varsity eight and a fourth-place finish by the lightweight freshman eight in the club event.

The lightweight freshman eight finished fourth overall in the men’s club eight behind heavyweight crews from Yale and Boston University. The Crimson finished just eight seconds behind the winning Yale boat but a buoy violation added to their time and pushed them down to fourth. Two heavyweight boats competed in the club eights with the varsity entry taking seventh and the freshman boat finishing 13th.

In the lightweight men’s eight, the Crimson finished third, 11th and 20th overall. Harvard’s varsity eight was second among collegiate crews and finished 0.08 seconds behind the winning boat from the New York Athletic Club.

The Crimson heavyweight varsity eight split into two fours for the championship event and finished third and eighth overall. Harvard had three boats compete in the championship eights. The top Crimson entry was seventh among U.S. colleges.

Two coaches also took part in the weekend’s actives as lightweight freshman coach Linda Muri won the senior-master women’s eight as a member of Etats Unis and Harry Parker, the Stone Family Head Coach for Harvard Crew, was 13th in the senior-veterans men’s single.

Championship Eight
Harvard Heavyweights (18th)
C: Alex Sopko
S: Patrick Lapage
7: Jack Morrissey
6: Nick Jordan
5: Matt Edstein
4: Sam O'Connor
3: Michael DiSanto
2: Elihu Reynolds
B: Rob Stone

Harvard Heavyweights (22nd)
C: Kelly Evans
S: Ben French
7: Duncan Gilchrist
6: Luke Orthwein
5: Alex Soutter
4: Phil Matthews
3: Karl Hirt
2: Mark Fuller
B: Chris Fuller

Harvard Freshman Eight (24th)
C: David Fuller
S: Peter Scholle
7: JP Hogan
6: James O'Connor
5: Justin Mundt
4: Jason Phillips
3: Lachlan Macintosh
2: Parker Washburn
B: Josh Hicks

Championship Fours
Harvard Heavyweights (third)
C: Joe Lin
S: Ryan Bucke
3: Noah Bruegmann
2: Ivan Posavec
B: Spencer Livingston

Harvard Heavyweights (eighth)
C: Chris Kingston
S: Blake Pucsek
3: Anthony Locke
2: David Wakulich
B: Richard Anderson

Lightweight Championship Eight
Lightweight Eight (10th)
C: Lizzy Maybanks
S: Tyler Caldwell
7: Sean Duncan
6: Dan Farrell
5: Paddy Thornycroft
4: Tim Moore
3: Martin Wallner
2: Mike Song
B: Michael Silvestri

Lightweight Eight (18th)
C: Dexter Louie
S: Jared Dourdeville
7: Martin Eiermann
6: Will Newell
5: Andrew Trott
4: Austin Meyer
3: James Stewart
2: Tom Nesel
B: Ben Bayley

Lightweight Eight (20th)
C: Angela Chang
8: Bill Hennrikus
7: Christopher Oland
6: Joshua Foote
5: Andrew Corcoran
4: Collin Rees
3: Michael Murray
2: Kevin Connolly
B: Gary Pelissier

Championship Lightweight Fours
Harvard Lightweights (14th)
C: Na’eel Cajee
S: Davis Moore
3: Michael Velchik
2: Matt Gibbons
B: Andrew Pettinelli

Club Eights
Lightweight Freshman (Fourth)
C: David Roher ’12
S: Florian Mayr
7: Alexander Newell
6: John Sheridan
5: Erich Schultze
4: Matthew O'Leary
3: Thomas Foley
2: Michael Paresky
B: James Groeneveld

Heavyweight Eight (Seventh)
C: Tian Feng
S; Kyle Gordon
7: Connor Griffith
6: Nigel Munoz
5: Christian Wood
4: James Hills
3: David Paresky
2: Edward Winters-Ronaldson
B: Andrew Hamm

Heavyweight Freshman Eight (13th)
C: Ben Massenburg '11
S: Alex Macintosh
7: Eli Shikaloff
6: Matt Vincent
5: Nolan Pollock
4: Will Polachek
3: Tom Hanson
2: Trent Kim
B: Mick Malowany

Club Fours
Heavyweights (18th)
C: Kate Caputo
S: Andrew Stein
3: Misha Lemesh
2: Mario Barosevcic
B; Neil Curran