Men's Basketball Featured in The Athletic

Wide shot of the Breakfast Club at Henrietta's Table
Photo by Gil Talbot

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - After hosting Clark Kellogg and Tom McMillen at the Harvard Institute of Politics for the team's annual forum and subsequent Breakfast Club, the Harvard men's basketball program has been featured in The Athletic.

"Plates filled with cinnamon cranberry French toast levitate down the tables, passed from hand to hand. And the rest of the breakfast follows. Scrambled eggs. Hash browns. Bacon. Even the red flannel hash, a New England dish that makes many of those from outside the region do a double-take before asking what it is, gets scooped up. The plates and bowls eventually settle in one spot, as does the conversation. It has the feeling of a family dinner table at Thanksgiving, except no one walks away from these discussions angry. This monthly meeting of the minds spearheaded by Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker is equal parts think tank, classroom, networking social event and barbershop — with the spirited banter to match.

Welcome to the Breakfast Club..."

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Bryce Aiken - "That's part of the Harvard experience, that's something you're committed to. You're getting more than just the basketball. That's what Harvard embodies. It's amazing; it's eye-opening. You see more to life than just basketball."