Towns Attends NCAA Elite Student-Athlete Symposium for Men’s Basketball

Seth Towns listens at the NCAA Elite Student-Athlete Symposium
All photos courtesy of the NCAA

INDIANAPOLIS – Last weekend, 16 student-athletes from around the country were invited to the NCAA Elite Student-Athlete Symposium for Men's Basketball, with Harvard senior Seth Towns among the select group invited to participate.

Towns heard from high-ranking members of the NCAA, the NBA and a series of former college and professional players at the three-day event. Topics of panels and lectures covered a broad array of subjects.

"It was centered around the professional, off-the-court side of basketball," said Towns. "Everything from controlling social media, to the kind of person you are, to networking, to handling money, mock interviews – it was all valuable to everyone involved."

Clark Kellogg, who also spoke at the Harvard Institute of Politics on Tuesday, talked about the idea of the 'three G's,' which particularly resonated with Towns. The G's stand for generous, good and grateful, with all three going towards developing the full person.

"It was an invaluable experience that thankfully the NCAA provides," continued Towns. "I shared a lot of what I learned with my teammates."

Seth Towns at the NCAA Elite Student-Athlete Symposium