Men's Basketball Featured by Associated Press

James Brown and Dr. Harry Edwards (Gil Talbot).
James Brown and Dr. Harry Edwards (Gil Talbot).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Harvard men's basketball was featured by the Associated Press Monday morning, in a piece by Jimmy Golen titled "At Harvard, education through athletics (and vice-versa)." The piece centered around a visit to campus by Dr. Harry Edwards and CBS contributor James Brown for a forum at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics: "From Robinson to Kaepernick: The Evolution of Athlete Activism."

"When Harvard sophomore Seth Towns awoke in his riverside dorm room Wednesday morning, he had options.

He could work out at the gym to prepare for the upcoming Ivy League basketball season. He could slog downstairs for another dining hall breakfast with his roommates. Or he could head over to Harvard Square to eat instead with civil rights activist Harry Edwards, sportscaster James Brown, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and philosopher Cornel West.

Towns chose to stretch his mind instead of his muscles..." To read more of "At Harvard, education through athletics (and vice-versa)," click here.

The article has been widely featured around the country, including by the NCAANew York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald, ABC News, USA Today, Seattle Times, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Charlotte Observer, Kansas City Star, San Francisco Chronicle and, among many others.


The visit from Dr. Edwards and James Brown, which was co-sponsored by the Harvard men's basketball team, is also featured in the Boston Globe, Harvard Magazine and The Crimson:

Boston Globe: "On athlete activisim, Harry Edwards delivers an important message," by Chris Gasper

Harvard Magazine: "The Activist Athlete," by David Tannenwald

The Crimson: "James Brown, Dr. Harry Edwards Talk Athlete Activism on Campus," by Stephen Gleason