Field Hockey To Host Fundraiser Tomorrow for Travis Roy Foundation

Field Hockey To Host Fundraiser Tomorrow for Travis Roy Foundation

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Harvard field hockey announced that it has designated its Oct. 24 home game against Boston University as a fundraiser for the Travis Roy Foundation. Travis Roy was an ice hockey player at BU who in a tragic accident became paralyzed from the neck down 11 seconds into his first collegiate game. This October marks the 22nd anniversary of Travis' accident, and in those years Travis has built a life dedicated to helping others and finding a cure.

The money raised through the foundation is given directly to individuals with spinal cord injuries through grants to buy necessary adaptive equipment such as motorized wheelchairs, stair lifts, and adapted vans/cars. On top of that, the foundation donates money raised to researchers looking for a cure.

To learn more about Harvard Field Hockey team's fundraiser for the Travis Roy Foundation:

Travis travels the country giving motivational speeches and running the Travis Roy Foundation. To learn more about his foundation: 

Here's an excerpt from his story (from

"Eleven seconds was all it took. Eleven seconds to stop cold a shining career scarcely before it had take off on the ice. Travis Roy was a promising 20-year-old hockey star. Then moments into his first collegiate game as a Boston University freshman, a freak accident drove Travis into the boards. A cracked fourth vertebra left him paralyzed from the neck down.

That fateful October night in 1995 signaled the death of one dream – but also the eventual rebirth of a special kind of hope. For, though imprisoned for months in a hospital bed, then confined to a wheelchair, Travis gradually found the grit and the will to reclaim for himself a fulfilling and productive life."