Football Program Q&A: Joey Goodman

Joey Goodman action photo
Photo Courtesy: Gil Talbot.

• What is your concentration?

• What do you hope to do in life once football is finished?
I hope to find a career in commercial real estate. 

• Can you explain the nuances of your position and provide something for the casual fan to better understand what you're seeing on the field?
Basically, I watch the largest players on the field and depending on where they are looking, and which way they step, I then find the ball carrier and tackle him. 

• What is your first memory of football?
In third grade, playing in a downpour and being covered in mud.

• What's your favorite Harvard team to watch as a fan?

• What are the hardest parts of being a student-athlete at Harvard? 
Having to manage your time much differently than most other students at Harvard have to.

• What's the best part of a home football day? 
I love all the pregame routines from pregame meals to the speeches, but the most exciting part is the National Anthem. When I hear the National Anthem, I know I am right about to play and it's a very intense minute or two.

• Who do you like lining up against in practice?
John Stivers because I know he is going to bring it on every play and makes everyone better. 

• Who has the best nickname on the team, and why?
J5's for Jordan Hill. People started calling him this after freshman year and it just kind of stuck.

• Do you have a nickname?
Unfortunately, I did, but it has somewhat died down. I was called Butterfly for a while. 

• How has playing football at Harvard better prepared you for life?
It has taught me so many invaluable lessons about hard work and dedication and what it takes to be a contributing member to a high-functioning team.

• What do you think when you hear Harvard's mission statement: 'Education Through Athletics'?
There is so much more that you learn from football that has nothing to do with football and will stay with you forever. 

• What do you want your Harvard legacy to be?
I want to be remembered as a teammate that my brothers can count on and someone who always pushed people to be their best in life. 

• If you weren't playing football, you would be…
Probably going to the University of Georgia for school.

• What is your favorite football memory?
Beating Yale in Fenway Park. 

• What are your favorite places to eat in the square?
Jefes, Oggis, and Sweetgreen is a sleeper. 

• If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
Tim Tebow, Bruce Springsteen, and LeBron James 

• Best football movie of all-time? Why?
Invincible because Mark Wahlberg is the man. 

• If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
I would be LeBron James because I want to dunk on somebody once in my life and with my ups, that's not going happen anytime soon. 

• If you could go back, what's one piece of advice you would give to yourself as a freshman?
Don't look forward to what's to come so much and just be where your feet are. 

• Who has the best dance moves on the team? The worst?
Bennett Bay and Joey Goodman is the worst by far. 

• Your favorite 'Murph'-ism (saying or quote from Coach Murphy)?
"Now to that end men… "