Senior Q & A: Tobe Ezeokoli

Ezeokoli would like to travel the world and learn about other cultures (Gil Talbot).
Ezeokoli would like to travel the world and learn about other cultures (Gil Talbot).

"Tobe has a chance to become an outstanding defensive back in 2017 and because of his positive personality and humility everyone is rooting for him." – Tim Murphy, The Thomas Stephenson Family Head Coach for Harvard Football


What do I hope to do in life once football is finished?:
I want to travel the world and learn about different cultures at some point. 

Nuances of the position?:
I play cornerback. The position on the defense that is responsible for guarding the wide receiver. When you're lined up right in front of the receiver all the way on the side of the field, it can feel like you two are the only players out there. The game inside the game. There's no better feeling than winning that matchup and ending the play with the ball in your hands or even better, jamming your hand right in the middle of his chest at the line and holding him there. As a corner, my goal on any given play is to have one of those two things happen. 

First memory of football:
Playing in the middle of the street as a kid and every day at recess. I was always the running back and kick returner back when I actually had jukes. Those days were filled with some of my favorite memories playing football. 

Hardest part about being a student athlete?:
Time management and sacrifices. An Ivy League student-athlete is forced to combine two demanding schedules that often conflict with one another. This means you have to be very efficient with your time if you want to be successful both on and off the field. It also means that you might have to sacrifice many activities that you would have liked to participate in because they conflict with your schedule. 

If I wasn't playing football I'd be:
Running track. I had aspirations to go to the Olympics some day while I was running in high school. Accepting an offer to play football here put that on hold. I'd still love to give it a shot after football is over. 

Have dinner with any three people?
Barack Obama, Kanye West and the Dos Equis man. (Aaliyah, Rihanna and Beyoncé would have been nice too). 

Best dance moves on the team?:
Harvard Hits (Adam Scott and Wes Ogsbury). 

Worst Dance moves?:
Too many guys to choose from. 

Best Twitter follow?:
I don't know about twitter but @teezy_26 is definitely the best Instagram follow on the team. 

Favorite Harvard team to watch:

Best part about a home football game:
Waking up to the band playing 10,000 Men of Harvard on Mass. Ave. They don't do it all the time but it's cool when they do. You wake up feeling like you already won. 

Best football movie of all time?
Friday Night Lights. 

How has playing football better prepared you for life?
Playing football has taught me how to work hard and deal with adversity. On any given day during the spring, you can find us walking across the bridge in freezing weather to go max squat and push sleds, along with other workouts, until you can't feel your legs. Then, right when you think you're done, coach smacks you with 50 up downs for any "imperfections" during the workouts. This is just the lifestyle we live though. When adversity hits you with an injury, tough weather, or whatever it may be, it makes the grind that much harder but playing this game has taught me how to fight through that. It's served me well off the field and I'm sure my teammates can say the same.

Who do you like lining up against in practice?
These guys already graduated, but I always liked lining up against Anthony Firkser and Andrew Fischer. I liked lining up against Firk because there was always smack talk after the play. I liked lining up against Fish because he made you compete on every single route he ran.

Favorite places to eat in the square?