Football Q&A: Eric Medes

Football Q&A: Eric Medes

"Eric, is the exactly what we want as our middle linebacker. Tough, physical and intense, he anchors one of the best linebacker groups we have had in a long time and the top linebacking corps in the Ivy League." - Tim Murphy, the Thomas Stephenson Family Head Coach for Harvard Football.

Q: What is your concentration?


Q: What do you hope to do in life once football is finished?

I'd like to live in New York City and work on Wall Street. I am not sure what area of finance I would like to pursue, but that is definitely my No. 1 interest right now.

Q: Can you explain the nuances of your position and provide something for the casual fan to better understand your position?

As a linebacker, my job is to react. I have certain "keys" that I watch as the play begins, such as the guards and center, and they will give me an idea of what play is coming. But after all is said and done, I have to react to what I see in front of me and find the most efficient way to get to the ball.

Q: What's your favorite Harvard team to watch as a fan? 

Basketball. Being in Lavietes Pavilion with a packed student section is a great time, especially if you can get a seat close to the floor. We can usually get most of the football team to come support the basketball team and get the place pretty loud.

Q: What are the hardest parts of being a student-athlete at Harvard?

The hardest part about being a student-athlete at Harvard is managing your time. Football can be equated to working a full time job with everything we do. On top of that, we go to the best academic institution in the world with a very demanding workload. Figuring out how to put your best foot forward in both aspects of your life at Harvard takes a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, it's worth every second.

Q: What's the best part about a home football day?

The best part about a home game is the atmosphere surrounding the entire day. Being able to relax with the team in the locker room before the game helps prepare me to play. Knowing that my family and all the Harvard football fans will be there, cheering us on for the duration of the game. Lastly, nothing gets my adrenaline going like running in Harvard Stadium.

Q: Who do you like lining up against in practice?

Adam Redmond. We've gone up against each other plenty of times over the past few years and each rep is a good one. We both know each other's style of play by this point and try to take advantage of that. It always ends up being a good play.

Q: Do you have a nickname and how did it come about?

I've had a couple of nicknames in my time at Harvard.  When I came in as a freshman, I had fairly long hair. As a result, some of my friends began calling me Thor, after the superhero, and others gave me the name Sunshine, from the movie Remember the Titans. Unfortunately, the hair is no longer around, but the nicknames have stuck. If I'm not called either of those names, people simply refer to me as Medes.

Q: How has playing football at Harvard better prepared you for life? 

Playing football at Harvard has taught me many important lessons including time management, the importance of commitment, and seeing things through. These are invaluable lessons that cannot always be taught through everyday life, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to do it under Coach Murphy and Coach Larkee.

Q: What is your favorite memory on the football field? 

When I was six years old, I began playing football, and believe it or not, I was the quarterback. My team was backed up to our own 2-yard line, and for some reason my coach wanted us to run a quarterback sneak. Now, this play had not worked all game, so I did not want to run it. When the ball was snapped, instead of running up the middle and taking a loss, I ran around left end and scored a touchdown. (I have video evidence if no one believes me).

Q: Where are your favorite places to eat in the square? 

Border Café and Felipe's. Mexican food is by far my favorite cuisine, and these two places do it right. Plus, it's usually a quick meal, and a great bang for your buck!

Q: Of your teammates, who is most likely to 1) become President of the United States, 2) be a star of a reality TV show, 3) join the circus, 4) fall off the face of the earth? Why?

The person most likely to be president: Cole Toner. He is very personable, can relate to everybody, and easily gets a laugh out of anyone. Andrew Fischer is most likely to be the star of a reality TV show because he can thrive in new environments. Dan Moody is most likely to join the circus because he's a goofy person and I could easily see him becoming a clown. Tanner Wrisley would be most likely to fall off the face of earth because he has that go with the flow California mindset, which could take him anywhere.

Q: What is the best thing about being from your hometown? 

Its location. My hometown is in the middle of a few pretty awesome places. I live 30 minutes east of Philadelphia, and 80 miles south of New York City, and am anywhere from one to two hours from any beach town in New Jersey.

Q: What is the best advice (about football or life) anyone has ever given you?

Simply put, to never give up. Even if you get knocked down, physically or metaphorically, you must get back up and keep going. I have learned this is the only to achieve your goals.