Harvard-Yale Captains Photo Shoot Location

2016 In front of the John Harvard Statue in Harvard Yard

2015 On the steps across from Payne Whitney Gymnasium

2014 From top of Murr Center with Harvard Stadium in background

2013 Inside Yale's Beinecke Rare Books Library with President Salovey

2012 (2 captains were not used)

2011 Mix of Walter Camp Memorial and other art (taken inside Kenney Center, Champions Room)

2010 Harvard Square

2009 Looking through a portal of Yale Bowl

2008 End Zone Portal (closed end) Harvard Stadium

2007 Broadway Street in New Haven

2006 2 Captains in Action

2005 Harkness Tower

2004 Boathouse on Charles River

2003 Shubert Theater

2002 With Young Fans in Harvard Stadium Stands

2001 Yale Campus (from top of Whitney-Grove Square)

2000 Massachusetts Hall Offices

1999 Yale Band

1998 Murr Center

1997 Connecticut Hall

1996 Memorial Church in Harvard Yard

1995 Yale Captain's Fence

1994 Weeks Footbridge

1993 Hillhouse Avenue with Handsome Dan (taken from base of Kline Biology Tower)

1992 Dillon Field House

1991 Flowering tree near Yale Bowl

1990 Harvard Stadium

1989 On field at Yale Bowl

1988 Middle of field at Harvard Stadium

1987 Branford College/Harkness Tower

1986 Harvard Stadium Colonnade

1985 Walter Camp Gate

1984 Dillon Field House Balcony

1983 None: A Painting of the two Captains was used for 100th meeting

1982 Locker Room at Dillon Fieldhouse

1981 Mory's front door (mix of photos around it)

1980 Cover painting of captains in action

1979 New Haven Green

1978 Aerial of Harvard Stadium

1977 Yale Field Trolley Car from the Trolley Museum in E. Haven

1976 Tailgate at Harvard Business School

1975 Walter Camp Gate

1974 Grass field outside Harvard Stadium

1973 Walter Camp Gate

1972 Harvard Square

1971 None: Carm Cozza and Yale captain outside Yale Bowl

1970 Practice Field

1969 On field at Yale Bowl

1968 Underneath goalpost inside Harvard Stadium

1967 Yale Captain's fence

1966 Practice Field

1965 Yale practice field

1964 Practice Field

1963 Yale practice field

1962 Blue sky

1961 Yale practice field


The tradition of having the two captains meet each spring either in New Haven or Cambridge to take the

photo began at Yale in 1961. The only times that did not happen in New Haven was in 1971 and 1983.