Historic Harvard Stadium Anchors 'Beautiful Boston' Tilt-Shift Video

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You have seen Boston through tired eyes and hungover eyes, on your best days and some of your worst. But you have never seen Boston quite like this. A German company has released its latest in a series of amazing titl-shift, time-lapse videos, this one of our humble home, titled “Beautiful Boston.” Pop in your headphones and toss this on full screen (in high definition, if you’ve got it)–this is three minutes of Boston scenery you’re not likely to forget. The video, a “Little Big World” production from video company Spoonfilm out of Berlin, Germany, is part of a series that features tilt-shift videos from some of the prettiest cities and countries on the planet, including Vermont, Poland, Brooklyn and Spain. The process of til-shift photography strings together thousands of still photographs via distinct types of lens movements and techniques–tilt, shift, blur and saturation, among others–to turn “some of the most beautiful locations on earth into adorable miniature models.” The series, according to the company’s website, was a finalist at the Vimeo Awards 2012. The latest Boston incarnation shows exactly why. “Beautiful Boston” is stunning. CEO Joerg Daiber told me it was shot during Thanksgiving weekend while visiting his girlfriend, hence the breathtaking foliage. In three minutes, you’ll be wowed by a version of Boston both humble and magnificent, lonely and teeming with action. There are runners taking advantage of the steps at Harvard’s football stadium and a solitary rower paddling the Charles River. Downtown traffic looks comical, as if in fast-forward as opposed to the more typical slow motion. A pink duck boat splashes into the water, motoring its gleeful tourists around the harbor; food trucks ply their wares downtown before the light fades and the skyline lights up at night. Without waxing too poetic too here, this really is a sensational depiction of Boston that’s hard to find elsewhere, especially as we slog our way through the doldrums of another dreary winter. This video reminds us that our city is a colorful one that’s bursting with life, if not a little monotone and sleepy while the chilly winter winds continue to blast through downtown streets. Sunshine and warm weather await; this video will have to suffice in the meantime. Enjoy!