Senior Essay: Collin Zych

As a high school senior, I had never spent more than a few days away from my twin brother, Ryan.  We had shared a room for 18 years, and he was my best friend.  After choosing to come to Harvard, my biggest worry was that I would be unable to find similar companionship.

These fears quickly disappeared once I arrived in Cambridge.  Harvard football had provided me about 30 brothers.  In the next four years, we were to sweat together, bleed together, and cry together.  We would go on to do extraordinary things together—sweeping Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth and winning two Ivy League championships—but any of us will tell you that the most memorable things about Harvard football are the most ordinary.

Ordinary things like waking up for workouts at 5:30 a.m. in the spring, or workouts with Coach Fitz, or eating hot breakfast with all of your teammates after morning lift (cough, cough), or Thursday speeches.  These are not things that show up in the box score on Saturdays, but they are the most important part of being a member of Harvard football. These are the types of events that every member of the team has in common, not only with his current teammates, but with players past and future.  It is not an easy existence, and not everyone makes it to The Game as a senior. It takes a special person to make it through, and it forms a special bond.

I truly believe that Harvard football is the finest collection of young men in the country.  To be a member of such a group is an honor, and to have been elected by my peers as the leader of such a group is a privilege I will never forget. My teammates and the bonds I have formed will always be what I cherish the most about my experience at Harvard. Though we seniors will be moving on to do great things, to each other we will always be the same scared 18 year-olds who became men, together, and played football on the side.