Tim Murphy Quotes From Ivy Football Teleconference

Harvard celebrates a fielg goal during a 45-28 Harvard win at Princeton on Oct. 23, 2010 Buy Now
Harvard celebrates a fielg goal during a 45-28 Harvard win at Princeton on Oct. 23, 2010

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Tim Murphy, the Thomas Stephenson Family Head Coach for Harvard Football, recently took part in the Ivy League's weekly teleconference. Below are his quotes from the event.

Additionally, coach Murphy will give more insight into his Crimson as he takes part in the weekly New England Football Writers' Association Luncheon Wednesday afternoon at Harvard's Dillon Field House.

The event - the nation's oldest weekly football media gathering, now entering its 82nd season - begins at noon and features head coaches, players and administrators from around the region from all levels of NCAA competition. This year's event will be streamed live via the web on and is part of the All-Access and Football Season Pass for streaming.

Fans can login to Harvard's Multimedia section of the website to watch the streams. Recaps of the event will be posted in the afternoon and will be sent to media and area schools as well. Local fans can do even better as the event is open to the public for a fee of $10 per person.

Each school's coach/administrator will speak briefly about his team's last game, a preview up the upcoming games and an assessment of his team's top players. Additionally, the weekly Gold Helmet Award is given to the preceding week's top players. The award is sponsored by the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston and the weekly winners - one from Divisions I and one from Divisions II/III - are presented with a plaque.

Harvard Head Coach Tim Murphy on the team's win at Princeton
Any time you win a road game in the Ivy League, you have to be happy and we're no exception. More than anything, I was pleased with our intensity, our physicality and our effort. We made too many mistakes (against Princeton) but our kids are playing extremely hard… [cut off]

On the emergence of Harvard's running attack, with three 300-yard games in the past four weeks
It's been a pleasant development. In the past 10 years, we've been a pass-first team. (After the Brown game) I said we are going to run the football. We had four new starters up front and knew (that) it would take some time to gel - but that group has done a great job. Now we have our quarterbacks back (healthy), we feel we're more of a multi-look football team (going forward).

On the play of Gino Gordon
Gino Gordon and Treavor Scales are both doing a great job. Gino is playing as well as anyone in the league at this point.

On Harvard's quarterback solution with Andrew Hatch and Collier Winters both returning to the field
When you go from as situation where you have (only) one solution, in our case a third-string QB in Colton Chapple who I felt did quite well in going 2-1 for us – to having all three of them… people ask me how I feel about that and I say that I'm going to sleep a lot better at night, that's for sure. It gives us options, confidence and experience. Anytime you have those, you have a better chance to win some football games.

On good friend Buddy Teevens' Dartmouth team, this week's opponent
Dartmouth is not only one of the most improved teams in the Ivy League, it is one of the top three teams in the league right now. They are vastly improved on defense. Their quarterback, running back, and offensive line have all developed to the point of being as good as anyone on that side of the ball. They've blocked six kicks and I really feel they are as good as anyone in the league right now.

On the injury situation and having seen anything like this league-wide before
Quite frankly, I haven't (seen it before). We felt a little bit early in the year to have been snakebite but looking around, is it a sign of the times and increased awareness? Probably a combination of all those things. In order to win, first of all you have to be consistent in all facets and second you have to remain healthy. Often, you don't have a say in the latter. You have to overcome a lot of adversity. We've all had a lot of those issues. As coach Austin noted, with the concussions, it has made people more cautions. That is a good thing. Now, when you're holding people out, are you thrilled as a head coach? No but it's the right thing to do.