Tim Murphy Quotes From Ivy Football Teleconference

Tim Murphy Quotes From Ivy Football Teleconference

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Tim Murphy, the Thomas Stephenson Family Head Coach for Harvard Football, recently took part in the Ivy League's weekly teleconference. Below are his quotes from the event.

Additionally, coach Murphy will give more insight into his Crimson as he takes part in the weekly New England Football Writers' Association Luncheon Wednesday afternoon at Harvard's Dillon Field House.

The event - the nation's oldest weekly football media gathering, now entering its 81st season - begins at noon and features head coaches, players and administrators from around the region from all levels of NCAA competition. For the first time, this year's event will be streamed live via the web on GoCrimson.com.

Fans can login to Harvard's Multimedia section of the website to watch the streams. Recaps of the event will be posted in the afternoon and will be sent to media and area schools as well. Local fans can do even better as the event is open to the public for a fee of $10 per person.

Each school's coach/administrator will speak briefly about his team's last game, a preview up the upcoming games and an assessment of his team's top players. Additionally, the weekly Gold Helmet Award is given to the preceding week's top players. The award is sponsored by the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston and the weekly winners - one from Divisions I and one from Divisions II/III - are presented with a plaque.

Tim Murphy Quotes from the weekly Ivy League Teleconference
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harvard Head Coach Tim Murphy opening statement:
It was a very solid win at Columbia we got off to a very fast start with a 21-0 first quarter lead and that took Columbia out of their game plan. Getting off to a quick start was something we thought was very important. We did make some mistakes of our own but we continue to play extremely hard and play well as a whole. We don't dominate in any phase but continue to be very solid.

Linebacker Jon Takamura from Hawaii had not played much prior to this year but has had a tremendous senior season. He had six solo tackles, three for a loss, two sacks and another interception - it is the type of thing he has done throughout the season and is tremendous for people to see what he can do.

As far as the Penn game is concerned, they are by far the best team we've played thus far. I don't think anyone has crossed the goal line against their first team defense in the last three games which is incredible. Penn has as dominating a defense as I've seen in a long time - maybe in my time here (at Harvard). They are ranked number one in the Ivy League in every single defensive statistical category which is not something I've seen before. They are exceptional.

On Penn's No.1-Ranked Rushing Defense Going Against Harvard's Top-Ranked Ivy Rushing Offense:
The obvious thing (in this game) is 1) be balanced (on offense); we can't become predictable; and 2) block (Penn's defenders). (Penn) is not easy to block however with their skill and personnel. If we can do those things, we can move the football but it will certainly be a challenge. They are much different from any team we have seen before.

On Harvard Usually Playing Meaningful Games Late In The Season And Learning From Those Experiences:
We look back as a coaching staff and talk to our team about just that (experience). The way our schedule works and the way Penn has been an unbelievably strong team over the years, a championship is always going to come through Penn and Yale in weeks nine and 10 of the season. If we're going to accomplish it in 2009, it's the same thing.

One, our kids know that Penn is always going to be there (at the end of the season). The second thing for us is knowing that you've got to play with confidence. Teams without confidence don't win games.

On Saturday, the team that wins the ball control ratio will win this game. You've got to play your best to beat the best and if you don't do that against a team like Penn you're simply not going to achieve those goals (of winning a championship).

Keys For The Harvard Defense on Saturday:
One thing is to stop the run. The one thing that has been materializing for the Penn team of late however is an ability to throw the football in recent weeks.  You can't just gang up on the run, put nine guys in the box and just expect to stop them. They have become a more balanced (and) unpredictable team. They threw for over 300 yards against Brown so they are not one-dimensional.  

On Harvard QB Collier Winters Importance on Saturday:
(Collier) doesn't have to do any better on Saturday (than the rest of the season). What he has to do is manage the game - have patience, good decision making and take care of the football. Of course, the higher the stakes, the more that becomes the variable for a quarterback. It's going to take 11 guys to get it done.