Standard Operating Procedure


  1. The Palmer Dixon Strength and Conditioning Center is for Harvard University Varsity Athletes, athletic department staff and coaches only.

  2. Every Varsity Athlete must go through the Strength and Conditioning Orientation before they may train in the facility.

  3. The only Strength and Conditioning Programs allowed are those designed and implemented by the Harvard University Strength and Conditioning Staff.

  4. This is Iron Crimson Country; no other College or University apparel is allowed.

  5. All teams with issue gear must wear it when strength and conditioning training.

  6. No jewelry, hats or other head covers allowed.

  7. Sleeves must be on T Shirts.

  8. Appropriate athletic training shoe required at all times.

  9. No food; including gum allowed in Palmer Dixon.

  10. Absolutely no tobacco or alcohol products at any time in this facility.

  11. Music will controlled by strength staff only and must be appropriate.

  12. Headphones are only allowed in the machine conditioning loft.

  13. It is the athletes' responsibility to ensure proper nutrition, hydration and rest both prior to and following each strength and conditioning session in order to ensure training progress. Each athlete should bring, fill and use her/his own water bottle to stay hydrated during training. This will ensure a strong finish to the session.

  14. Teams and their athletes will arrive to Palmer Dixon at least 5 minutes before their scheduled strength and conditioning session start time in order to fill out their cards and prepare themselves and their stations.

  15. Athletes must fill out lifting cards completely. Fill in all weights used and indicate the number of reps achieved on every set. Good record keeping helps a great deal in long term improvements.

  16. All training begins with a proper warm-up usually involving but not limited to self-administered massage rollers, footwork ladders and dynamic flexibility. The training session will end with static stretching. The team's Head Strength Coach will decide the exact protocols for all warm-ups and flexibility.

  17. Athletes will follow the order of the program. The exercises are set-up so that all explosive movements are done first, with the major compound lifts following them. The assistance movements are always the last exercises done. This will allow the athlete to have maximal strength and energy for the major lifts.

  18. Only excellent technique in all training movements will be tolerated. This means always having control of the barbell or dumbbells. Focus and effort is critical in performing excellent technique.

  19. Athletes must follow the cycled % poundage exactly as prescribed for the core lifts. This progression is designed for maximal improvement and peak strength levels right at the conclusion of the training cycle. Percentage charts are located on the walls of the facility.

  20. Only successful reps allowed! Upon failing a rep, the athlete must rack the weight and lower the poundage for the next set. Spotters must help rack the weight if failure takes place. No forced reps allowed. This can cause excessive micro tears to the muscle fibers and can actually make the athlete weaker.

  21. SAFE lifting environment. This means having competent spotters, using collars on free weight lifts, and keeping plates off the floor.

  22. Athletes will put back all equipment in the correct location

  23. Everyone will sanitize the area where they trained.

  24. No assistive equipment allowed.

  25. Failure to follow the facility rules or 3 unexcused training session misses will result in an athletes' indefinite suspension from the Strength and Conditioning Program.

  26. When entering Palmer Dixon, be prepared to train. Wear appropriate clothing, have your shoes tied, and be mentally prepared to improve. Only 100% effort is acceptable.

  27. Be respectful of the Strength and conditioning Staff, athletes and the facility. Remember training with Harvard Strength and Conditioning is a privilege.

  28. Remember; Harvard Strength and Conditioning is here to help each athlete maximize their potential.