S&C Internships


The strength and conditioning department employs multiple part-time and full-time interns each semester. Interns assist with team training and facility management, while learning hands-on what it takes to be a collegiate strength and conditioning coach. All internships are completed on a volunteer, unpaid basis. Interns may receive undergraduate or graduate-level course credit for their time spent with us.

For more information or to apply for an internship position, please contact Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning Director Luke Osberg at (617) 495-4511, or by email at losberg@fas.harvard.edu.

We offer internships in the fall, spring and summer, and we recruit and interview potential candidates throughout the year.

Recent interns have included:

Mark Kilgallon (Intern Fall 2004 - Spring 2006)
Currently Full-Time Strength Coach for ASPIRE in Doha, Qatar

Joe Connolly (Intern Summer 2007-Fall 2007, Part-Time Assistant Winter/Spring 2008)
Currently Head Football Strength coach at the University of South Carolina

Michael Ungar (Intern Spring 2004-Spring 2005)
Currently Full-Time Assistant Strength Coach at LSU

Amber Cortese (Intern Fall 2006-Spring 2007)
Currently Full-Time Assistant Strength Coach, SMU

Tim Caron (Intern Spring 2006)
Currently Full-Time Assistant Strength Coach, University of Southern California

Suzie Gill (Intern Spring 2005)
Currently Full-Time Assistant Strength Coach, Dartmouth College

Todd Riedel (Intern Spring 2006)
Currently Director of Strength & Conditioning, Wofford College

Lauren Ciccone (Intern Spring 2005)
Currently Full-Time Graduate Assistant Strength Coach, Boston University

Jay Ahmed (Intern Spring 2005)
Currently Director of Fitness & Wellness, Long Island University

Shauna Forsyth (Intern Fall 2006-Spring 2007)
Former Coaching Assistant, Private Company in Canada

Bob Stachowiak (Intern Spring 2007)
Currently Full-Time Graduate Student in Physical Therapy, School University at Buffalo

Brittany Keil (Intern spring 2009-Fall 2009, CA Spring 2010- Fall 2010)
Currently Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach – Stanford

Brooke Anderson (Intern Spring 2009)
Currently Assistant Strength Coach, George Washington University

Melissa Boldt (Intern Spring 2009)
Currently Assistant Strength Caoch, University of Delaware

Matt Shaw (Intern Summer 2010)
Assistant Strength Coach – University of Denver

Kurtis West (Intern Spring 2010 – Fall 2010)
Co-owner of private gym in New Hampshire

Chantelle Boucher (Intern Fall 2011 – Summer 2012)
Currently Assistant Strength Coach, Tulane University

Justin Lima (Intern Fall 2011 – Spring 2012)
Currently Assistant Strength Coach – Iowa Football

Brian Hess (Assistant Fall 2009 – Spring 2011)
Currently Director of Strength and Conditioning – Sam Houston State

Ryan Whitley (Intern Spring 2012)
Currently Assistant Strength Coach for Northern Ireland Institute of Sport – Northern Ireland