Harvard Strength & Conditioning

Harvard Strength & Conditioning

The Harvard strength and conditioning department is committed to providing the highest level of athletic preparation for all varsity student-athletes. Our primary goal is to maximize the potential of each individual student-athlete throughout his/her college career. Every student-athlete matters.

Each of our 42 teams receives comprehensive support and effort from the strength and conditioning staff during their designated training times. Strength and conditioning works closely with each sport coach to implement the most effective year-round training for each team. Through the guidance of strength coaches, student-athletes develop skills such as discipline, perseverance, goal-setting, teamwork, mental toughness and work ethic. These instill habits that will lead students to better and healthier lives.

The cornerstones of Harvard strength and conditioning are intensity and consistency.

We run a full-service program, focusing on strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility, recovery, nutrition, and injury prevention and management. Strength training emphasizes multi-joint, multi-plane movements such as power cleans, squats and upper-body presses. Rotational movements, balance and stability, unilateral exercises, and core training are also priorities. All programs are periodized to match team goals at given times of the year. Speed, agility and conditioning are tailored to the needs of each sport. Flexibility, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention are incorporated into all team training programs.

Harvard strength and conditioning is committed to the idea of sound mind, sound body. We honor the values of the University, and support the principles of the Ivy League and the NCAA.

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