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Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP)

Welcome to Harvard! As you and your parents sort through the important informational materials from the College, we want to highlight one issue that arises each year. There will be a decision about whether or not to waive the HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan if you maintain alternative coverage. Before you consider waiving, carefully evaluate whether your existing health plan will provide adequate, comprehensive coverage in the Boston area – in many cases, coverage is limited when out-of-state, with only emergency or urgent care coverage available.

Massachusetts law requires that students enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts participate in a student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. All Harvard students are automatically enrolled in HUSHP and the cost of the plan is applied to their student bill. HUSHP is a comprehensive health program comprised of two parts: the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Student Health Fee:
The Student Health Fee is required for all registered students who are enrolled more than half-time in Massachusetts. It covers most services at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), including primary care, mental health, and 24-hour urgent care.

Student Health Insurance Plan:
The Student Health Insurance Plan provides hospital and specialty care coverage, administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, and prescription drug coverage through Catamaran. Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage includes, but is not limited to, ambulatory surgery, hospitalizations, diagnostic lab/radiology services, emergency room visits, mental health care outside of HUHS, and limited specialty care outside of HUHS.

More information on the Student Health Fee and Student Health Insurance Plan can be found on the HUSHP website,

The Harvard University Sports Medicine Department strongly recommends that each student-athlete consider participating in the HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan. Some of the benefits of keeping the Student Health Insurance Plan are: 

1. All athletic team physicians participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan

2. The Student Health Insurance Plan contains a broad network of participating clinicians/hospitals throughout Massachusetts

3. No authorization is needed for MRI's or other diagnostic procedures

A common scenario that we have seen in Sports Medicine is a knee injury of an athlete who has waived the Student Health Insurance Plan. If our sports medicine team decides that the athlete’s injury warrants  an MRI, it is common that the student would need to go home and use the hospital or radiology department that is covered by his/her insurance company. Also, if elective surgery were needed, the student would again have to return to the hospital and surgeon that is covered by his/her insurance plan. As most students are not from the greater Boston area, this can present a logistical challenge to coordinate their healthcare and to continue their studies.  

It is also important to acknowledge that:

Harvard University will NOT act as a secondary provider towards medical payment in the event of an injury/illness during athletic participation.

All medical bills incurred by the student-athlete are the responsibility of the student-athlete and/or parent(s) or guardian(s). Harvard University does not cover expenses that are not covered by the student-athlete’s primary health insurance, even if the injury is suffered during a practice or competition.


  • Carefully evaluate whether your existing health plan will provide adequate, comprehensive coverage in the Boston area
  • Check to make sure our team physicians are included in your health plan network
  • Carefully examine the HUSHP coverage details

Additional information is available on the Harvard University Student Health Program website,

Preseason Sports Clearance Schedules and Policy
  1. Only upperclass athletes who had a previous physical at University Health Services (UHS) can have clearance performed at Dillon Field House.
  2. Any freshman or upperclassman who has not had a previous physical at UHS must call 496-3249 to schedule an appointment to be seen.
  3. Clearance for upperclass athletes is to be performed according to scheduled times and dates. If there is a time conflict athlete must reschedule with supervising athletic trainer (and is at the discretion of supervising athletic trainer).
  4. Preseason Sports Clearance Schedule - TBD

Concussion Policy

• Concussions: Don't Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover
• 30 second PSA: NCAA Concussion Awareness


Tick Borne-Insect Illness Prevention

• Tick borne/Insect Illness Prevention Program (pdf)

Sickle Cell Trait Information

The Student-Athlete with the Sickle Cell Trait

• Sickle Cell Trait Release Form (pdf)
Background on sickle cell trait and the NCAA 
Sickle Cell Trait - A Fact Sheet for Coaches (pdf)
• Sickle Cell Trait - A Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes (pdf)
Sickle Cell Guidelines (pdf)


ADHD Treatment

NCAA Reporting Form (pdf)  
• NCAA Guidelines to Document ADHD Treatment with Banned Stimulant Medications (pdf)