Harvard Stadium Bubble

Harvard Stadium Bubble

The Bubble at Harvard Stadium

Perhaps the most radical change to Harvard Stadium takes place when football season is complete, with the installation of a removable dome-like “bubble,” that allows for the year-round use of Harvard Stadium.

The bubble completely covers the playing surface from November until the spring, which gives the Crimson a fully functional home for winter workouts and spring practices. The bubble takes approximately four hours to inflate once it’s anchored to the Stadium infrastructure.

Entrace to the facility is through a revolving door to maintain proper air pressure within the bubble, and the temperature is controlled at approximately 65 degrees.

In addition to providing a permanent home for the Crimson football team, the bubble, along with the new artificial surface, has opened Harvard Stadium to a wide range of users. All of Harvard’s varsity programs that compete outdoors have access to the Stadium as a practice facility, while the upgrade exponentially increases the number of club sport, intramural and recreational offerings available to the campus community.

The facility provides for two complete baseball infields as well as four indoor batting cages and 12 pitching mounds for bullpen sessions. The bubble rises high stop Harvard Stadium and it tall enough to accommodate full-sized field activities for football, soccer, lacrosse and softball, among others.