Around the Yard: LJ Daniel

graphic with LJ Daniel

LJ Daniel
Men's Track and Field 

What was your job last summer? Where was it located and what was your role?
Last summer I interned with the Boston Consulting Group where I served as a Summer Associate Intern in their Dallas office. I spent the majority of the summer in Chicago working with my team to devise a growth strategy plan for our client. 

Did the job relate to your concentration at all or was it just something you were interested in on the side?
I am an Applied Math concentrator so this summer was a great opportunity to utilize some of the mathematical and quantitative skills I’ve learned throughout my concentration while also developing and strengthening my interpersonal and communication skills through various meetings and presentations. 

What was one of your favorite experiences from the summer?
My favorite experience from the summer was toward the end of the summer when I got to propose and present our team’s new strategic approach to our client’s C-Suite. Later that day, following the presentation, my team and I had the opportunity to go to a Chicago Cubs game at the historic Wrigley Field. Overall it was a high-pressure day, that I learned a lot from and enjoyed a lot. 

How did your job translate to getting a spot to work at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?
My job last summer was a great experience for getting in touch with the business scene in America, but I’ve always known I’m also very interested in sports media and sports entertainment. Throughout the first few months of 2018 I spent lots of time looking for opportunities in Tokyo and as a result this summer I ended up applying to NBC’s Olympic Program. Throughout the interview process it was helpful to be able to talk about volunteer work I did in Vietnam following my freshman year along with how I was able to strengthen my communication skills this past summer with BCG. 

Do you know what you'll be doing at the games? How long will you be overseas?
As part of the NBC 2020 Summer Olympic Program, I will serve as a Hospitality Guide where I will help conduct meet and greets, curate special events, work in guest services, and provide administrative support on location in Tokyo for NBC, America’s Olympic broadcasting rights-holders. In total, I’ll be overseas for about a month, from mid-July through mid-August. 

What event/sport/athlete are you most excited to be able to see if you have the chance to watch live?
I’m most excited about seeing the United States’ track and field team compete. We have a ton of amazing, young talent that I can’t wait to watch in action. 

What are you most looking forward to about working at the Olympics?
Overall, I’m mostly looking forward to the entire Olympic atmosphere. The Olympics represent unity, athleticism, and peace around the globe and they bring together the world’s leading athletes and hundreds of millions of spectators. Being able to see it all and help out NBC and the United States will hopefully be an incredible experience and I’m excited to give back and make an impact.